The Higher Power

Seeking a Higher PowerAspiration and the Higher Power

Our aspiration to grow is the key to bringing down the higher power that will accelerate our evolution and help us discover who we really are. Aspiration is a magnetic power and a potent force that used correctly will increase our inner light and access to the higher power. When our aspiration for the truth is sincere, it attracts to us what we need to grow. We can’t grow unless we are nurtured by the spiritual energy of a higher power. When a sincere and loving call goes up, the higher power to heal one’s inner wounds and restore peace in the world comes flowing back down. In the spiritual world, like attracts like. Christ instructed his followers how to use universal law. “Knock and it shall be opened,” he exhorted. “Ask and ye shall receive.” When we turn to God with a pure heart and a clear mind, God turns to us. That is the power of aspiration. It connects us to the higher power.

The gulf of Confusion

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Until we embrace our paradoxes and do the therapeutic inner work necessary to resolve our personal inconsistencies, our consciousness will retain its dark and toxic secrets, and the collective consciousness will remain permeated with lethal influences. The gulf of sorrow and confusion that consumes so much of the energy and consciousness in the world will remain intact. If we do not aspire upwards toward the higher power, God cannot intervene in our affairs. If we do not choose to grow, God will leave us to our fate. We are the levers of change. We either reach for our destiny, call down the higher power and rise in the light, or we contract in the darkness of our anguish and fall to the fate we have created collectively.
We are the only ones who can bring down the forces from above to change the world. The ability to be a conduit of the higher power is a particularly human gift and a profound responsibility. If we don’t take on this high work, who will? This is our planet; its well-being is in our hands. These are our lives; our futures and those of our children are at stake. The time to change the way things are is now, not later.