Martial Law: The Next Step

Guns and martial law

The March to Martial Law

The march to martial law continues. According To Mike Adams of the Department of Homeland Security has awarded a contract for 450 million rounds of .40mm hollow point ammo to ATK a munitions manufacturer. Since the DHS is strictly a domestic operation that means those rounds are intended to be used in this country on American citizens. There are approximately 300 million American citizens. Do your math. It means there are 1.5 rounds of .40mm hollow point ammo reserved for each of us. A truly scary thought and a martial law nightmare.

Obama’s Role

Let’s put this latest move by the Obama administration in the context of other legislation enacted into law in the last five months. Brace yourself. It gets even more disturbing. First came the NDAA that designated America a battlefield and each and everyone of us an enemy combatant who could be detained indefinitely without recourse to an attorney or a trial. Then came Federal Aviation Re-authorization Act that will put 30,000 drones in the skies above America by 2020. In March, Obama signed an executive order that gives him the right to declare martial law in peacetime and take control of all farms, water supplies and other important infrastructure. Now the DHS is buying 450 million rounds of .40mm hollow point ammo. To this lovely list, we must add the two thousand plus detention camps that Reagan authorized and are operational. This certainly looks like the infrastructure for martial law is being put together step by step and very quickly.

It seems obvious when you connect the dots. The Powers That Be are planning something. The question is what and when?

Ten Steps to Establishing a Dictatorship

In Adam’s article he lists the ten steps to establishing a dictatorship that Naomi Wolfe describes in her documentary, The End of America. I have copied them here from Adams article for your benefit. They are :

1. Create an internal/external threat that terrorizes the populace. This has already been accomplished with Oklahoma City (false flag) and 9/11 (another false flag). Get the film “A Noble Lie” to learn the truth about Oklahoma City.

2. Create secret prisons, with torture. Obama did this nicely with the NDAA (as well as keeping GITMO open even after promising he would close it).

3. Create a paramilitary force. This is the TSA.

4. Single out ordinary citizens as ‘troublesome persons.’ This has been accomplished by Janet Napolitano’s “if you see something, say something” propaganda campaign.

5. Establish surveillance of citizens’ groups and ordinary citizens deemed ‘troublesome.’ This is already well under way through surveillance of emails, phone calls, vehicle movements and more.

6. Detain and release citizens without formally charging them with any crime. This has been “legalized” under Obama’s NDAA. (

7. Target key individuals who are well known, popular figures. This has already begun and will likely accelerate. Who do you think killed Andrew Breitbart? Congressman Bono?

8. Restrict the press. Already done. The U.S. government, in fact, essentially runs the mainstream media today. White House announcements are simply printed as “fact” with zero journalism and zero fact checking taking place.

9. Redefine dissent as treason. This is already happening with figures like Ted Nugent who was recently “visited” by the Secret Service after his anti-Obama rant. All throughout government speeches today, the criminals at the very top proclaim that anyone who questions government is “anti-American” and might be involved in domestic terrorism. The FBI even warns that people who “stockpile food” might be terrorists! (Even though the government itself stockpiles massive quantities of food, guns, ammunition, communications gear, medical supplies and more…)

10. Subvert the rule of law. Already done. Law has been complete abandoned by the ATF, DEA, FDA, USDA and every other federal agency you can think of. The Attorney General Eric Holder actively plots ways to destroy the Bill of Rights, and the government stages false flag terror attacks to undermine constitutional protections.

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