Overcoming Victimization


Standing Up For Ourselves

If we do not learn to stand up for ourselves, old patterns of victimization will continue to plague us and we run the risk of being repeatedly mistreated, used, and shamed. If the chronic recurrence of our patterns of victimization occurs, they will siphon off our power and cause further distortions in our psyche. Whatever imbalances we have will become more severe, and the unconscious beliefs that govern much of our experience will become more oppressive. Our sense of victimization will increase.

If we can find and face our repressed emotion and the events that caused them it makes it much easier to stand up for ourselves and release our patterns of victimization. When we do the right things in the right sequence, taking the next step is always much easier because we are building upon an established structure of accomplishment. Standing up for ourselves is very different when we have freed ourselves from our victimization complex than it is when the victim mentality still controls us. In the first case, we have eliminated our toxicity, regained our power, and become whole. In the second case, we are still toxic and powerless, and the our pattern of victimization will be as self-destructive as ever. Patterns of victimization are not easy to overcome. But with discipline and consistent effort they can be cleared and overcome. To heal your patterns of victimization you must find them, face them, feel them and forgive yourself and all others in involved in their creation.