Cords: The Invisible Lines of Communication

My brother Mark died of brain cancer in January 2006. At the time, my father was in a nursing home suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease. His mind was nearly gone, he remembered next to nothing and could do very little for himself. Before my brother passed he gave instructions that our father was never to be told about his death. I honored my brother’s request and never told my father about Mark’s passing. No one else told him either. Yet somehow he knew.

A year before my brother’s death, Mark had hired a care giver to be with our father for several days each week. My father was a very endearing man and easy to love. Joan, the caregiver,  grew to love my father deeply. Two days after my brother’s passing, she went to visit my father at the nursing home. She found him sitting in the common room. When she went up to him he took her hand between both of his and placed them over his heart. For the next hour he went into a spontaneous and eloquent prayer for my brother’s soul. Tears poured down his cheeks. He didn’t stop to brush them away. He kept on with his prayer. Joan was sobbing, she couldn’t help herself, though she tried to contain her emotion. She would say later that it was one of the most powerful and moving moments of her life. After that hour he was spent and Joan brought him to his room and put him to bed. He fell asleep immediately. How did my Dad know that his youngest son had died? No one had told him. No one ever did.

I have a close female friend who has a deeply empathic nature. She is very close to her family and to her youngest sister in particular. Unfortunately, her sister has a substance abuse problem and a highly addictive personality. Whenever something bad happens to her sister, my friend feels it and her mood sinks. She even takes on her sister’s physical symptoms and illnesses even though her sister is more than two thousand miles away.

How do we account for these kinds of phenomena? The answer to the mystery is quite simple. There are cords of energy that connect people to each other. These cords connect mainly through the chakras. The most common connection is through the solar plexus chakra. These cords can extend infinitely. It’s how mothers know something bad has happened to their children without being told, even though their child may be half a world away.

Some of these cords are beneficial. Some are not. The cords connecting my friend to her toxic sister are obviously not beneficial. The good news is that we can always cut these cords once we become aware of them. We do this by visualizing them, then seeing ourselves cutting them with a violet knife or scissors. If the cords are very strong, it might take several attempts before they’re completely cut and you’re free of that person’s toxic influence in your life. The best way to find them is to enter into meditation, quiet the mind, ask to be shown who you are corded to negatively and observe what comes up.

Cutting negative cords can be remarkably freeing. In this time of rising negativity in the world it’s an important thing to do to maintain your emotional balance and wholeness.

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