Spirituality and Weight Loss

The Repetitive Nature of Trauma

Whatever we repress runs us. Whatever we repress is stronger than we are. We have all experienced trauma in our lives. Much of that trauma occurs in childhood. Childhood trauma repeats itself throughout our lives, until we face the secret source of our undoing, feel the pain of our original wounding, and clear it from our psyche.

The Split Mind

Every new trauma we experience creates a new split in our mind and more deeply separates the conscious from the subconscious mind. When the subconscious is burdened by the weight of repressed emotion and traumatic experiences it ceases to function as our ally and will not manifest the life we would like to experience, no matter how well we understand the Law of Attraction or how many wonderful affirmations we repeat daily. Instead, it will bring more traumatic events into our lives. This is because repressed emotion is immortal and highly magnetic. It will continue to repeat itself in our lives until we finally find it, face it, feel it, finish and forgive it. It will persist in our souls for lifetimes until we finally face and clear it. If you don’t heal it you will never have the life you want. Every split in your mind steals your power, clarity and potential. If you’re mind is split you will never know who you really are or have the life you want. You will always be fragmented, dissociative, and cut off from your soul.

Repressed Emotion and Weight Gain

One of the outcomes of burying repressed emotion in the body is weight gain. Repressed emotion is heavy. The body reacts to emotional heaviness by becoming physically heavier. I did a workshop some years ago in E, Lansing, MI at Michigan State University. One of the participants was an attractive young woman in medical school. She had had an acute pain in her abdomen for several months. She had been to M.D.’s, Chiropractors, massage therapists and reiki practitioners all to no avail. She was still in a great deal of discomfort when she arrived at the workshop. I had her lay down on one of the several massage tables that we had set up and showed the members of her group where to place their hands on her body. I came back to her table fifteen minutes later when it was apparent that her repressed material was about to surface. I put one hand on her liver and place my other hand under it. Within seconds she began to sob. She curled up into a fetal position and cried and wailed heavily for nearly an hour. By the time she was done her clothing was soaking wet. She had relived several repressed incidents of sexual abuse as an infant that had been perpetrated by her father. When her tears were done, the energy coming out of me turned from bright red to clear gold. As the energy shifted she became incredibly peaceful. The traumatic energy and the pain in her abdomen had been cleared from her body. Her split mind was healed. The heaviness quickly dissipated from her body.

I ran into her three days later at the local co-op. She was very excited and couldn’t wait to tell me what had happened since the workshop. She had lost twelve pounds in three days without doing anything different. The weight had fallen effortlessly from her body.

At a workshop in Austin TX, a client who was then a starving artist and is now Dean of Technology at a prestigious Austin university, had a similar healing experience. When it was her time to be on the table a great deal of repressed memories surfaced about being sexually abused by her father as a very young girl. She sobbed, screamed and thrashed about as she faced, felt and re-experienced those traumatic events. As she healed the split in her mind she became increasingly peaceful and relaxed. In the next few days she lost fifteen pounds from her hips and thighs.

At another workshop at the University of Illinois a heavy set woman from South America got on the table and found herself recalling a past life in a small impoverished village the Andes Mountains. There was never enough to eat and she was always starving. She died at ten years of age. In the back of her mind that memory persisted and induced her to chronically over eat in this lifetime. Once I cleared that lifetime from her psyche, she no longer had any need to over indulge in food. She lost twenty pounds in the next month.

Elevate Your Life

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