The Bipolar Universe

The Bipolar Universe

Electrical energy is the fundamental driver of the physical universe, moving between the positive and negative poles of existence, making it bipolar in nature. The perpetual movement of energy from one pole to the other creates constant change. Change is always relative. Sometimes, it appears beneficial. At other times, it may seem detrimental. But what initially seems beneficial may turn out to be harmful later. And what seemed detrimental at first may, in the end, serve our greater good. Since the future is always a mystery, constant change and uncertain outcomes lead to instability, insecurity, anxiety, stress, worry and fear. As the pace of change continues to accelerate the instability, anxiety and fear most people chronically experience grows accordingly.

The Ego Trap

When we live between the poles of existence we define ourselves in relative terms: by what we have, what we do, and what roles we play in life. These things are always subject to change. The consequence of this is that our identity is not permanent, but relative. A change in our circumstances changes our concept of our own identity. This level of identify is controlled by the ego mind and based on our atttachment to our body and the physical world. It is not enduring, permanent or eternal. It is temporary and based on the premise that we are no more than the body/ego-mind. The fundamental overriding belief of the ego mind is that we are all separate and alone. This leads to constant comparison and judgement of ourselves and others. While we live in the trap of separation we will always be unhappy and life will be full of suffering. This level of identity is both false and illusory. It is a form of self-deception, a mass induced hypnotic trance that has infiltrated and controlled the minds of the vast majority of people.

Our Multi-Dimensional Nature

The truth is that we are far more than the body and far more than the ego-mind. There is another level of identity that is far greater, deeper, more extensive and permanent than the illusory level of identity the ego mind provides. This level of identity is found in the soul. It emerges when we have learned to go deeper into our psyche and quiet the ego-mind. The essence of this level of identity is contact and CONNECTION with a source greater than ourselves. This connection manifests in inner peace, kindness, compassion, love and self-acceptance. This higher level of identity is based on a connection to the energy we call GOD. When we connect to that higher source inside ourselves we are never alone, as we always are when we are trapped inside the prison of the ego-mind. When we connect to that higher level of identity we become agents of the Divine and a door for others to find their identity and experience their own truth. There is no higher calling. Those that find that door and become Divine agents are the true revolutionaries in this world. The world will not change, evolve or become elevated through more violence. It will only evovle through the language, expression and sharing of unconditional love. Kindness and compassion are the twin pillars of soul identity.

The Price of Inner Freedom

To reach this point of higher identity we must be willing to face ourselves, look honestly at our actions and dredge up all the trauma, suppressed rage, guilt and toxic shame hidden in our ego-mind. If we can’t face and feel those painful emotions we will never earn our freedom and rise to the next level of identity, expansion and light. It takes courage to move forward, to grow beyond our self-imposed restrictions and leave the dark prison of our unresolved past behind us. There is a price for everything in life. This is the price we must pay to earn our freedom, expand our horizons, increase our abundance and find fulfillment. The alternative is to go on as before, leading a life of quiet desperation, indulging in addictive behavior to dull the often unbearable pain of life.

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