The 9 Maxims of Transformation

Here’s an excerpt from my novel, THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE, that describes the difference between spiritual glamor and spiritual transformation. Most people follow the path of glamor because it’s cool, current, in vogue and popular. Real spiritual transformation is decidedly more difficult but also infinitely more rewarding because it produces real and lasting change.  Spiritual transformation elevates your life and gives you soul contact.

This excerpt is from Chapter 24, In The Woods.

Over time Tenzin had developed the nine Maxims of transformation to explain the healing process to his clients when they reached this particular crossroad. These maxims countered the mistaken notion that spirituality would make them feel better right away. They thought all they had to do was meditate, repeat a mantra, do some yoga, think positively and they would find inner peace.

“Perhaps you will feel better right away,” tenzin would tell them,” “it’s possible. but it won’t last.”

Most students were crestfallen by this news. “Why?” they would ask. “i need to feel good. My life has been painful for way too long.”

Charlie was growing more agitated. Why was tenzin taking so long? it was a simple question, for chrissakes. he didn’t have to sugarcoat it. What did he see out there, anyway? The Buddha? Charlie looked out the French doors. Just orderly rows of flowers sparkling in the sunshine. no buddha. no answers. The ticking of the grandfather clock grated on his nerves. he had half a mind to open the clock’s glass door and stop the pendulum before it drove him mad. he was about to get up when Tenzin turned back to face him.

“Do you know the nine Maxims of transformation, Charlie?”
“Never heard of them,” said Charlie.
“Let me share them with you then.”
“Fine,” said Charlie. What the hell did a bunch of maxims have to do with his question? if he wanted maxims he could read the bible or the Gita or ralph Waldo emerson. Maxims were not why he was here.

“To go up into the light, you must go down into your darkness. To overcome your pain, you must first embrace it. To experience your power, you must feel your powerlessness. To realize your destiny, you must face your hopelessness. To arrive at the point of freedom, you must acknowledge the power of that which binds you. There is no resurrection without a crucifixion. You will not find freedom until you release the past. All healing is emotional. If you cannot find your pain, face it, feel it, and forgive it, you won’t overcome it.”