An Original Sin


Original Sin, Originating Shame

As the example in my last post (Thank God!) indicates, while the participants in our toxic drama often change, the central theme of that drama does not. This is the psychological equivalent of original sin. An originating trauma becomes an ongoing problem. We rarely want to face our shame –sin– because shame, at its core and in its darkest places, makes us feel fatally flawed, unfixable, and unworthy. To feel unfixable is unendurable.

The Flight to Desire

The most common solution to the problem of shame-sin is to deny that it exists and then flee desperately into our desire nature as fast as we can. Unfortunately, our desires are not well equipped to save us from our deeply entrenched and hidden shame and sense of sin. Instead of releasing us from the oppressive weight of our toxicity/sin, and the toxic situations we draw to us, they divert us from the hidden issues that dominate our lives. While desire may distract us, it can never redeem us.

Camouflage and Packaging

In my client’s case, the future repetition of the original problem of shame/sin arrived in a compelling disguise, packaged in a different personality and starring in a different role. If we allow ourselves to be distracted by the superficial differences provided by an appealing disguise, we will fall victim to the devious power that our denied shame/sin possesses to reach into the future and sabotage our life. (to be coninued.)

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