Immortalizing Shame


The Heart of the Matter

The truth about shame emerges when the surface differences have been shorn of their camouflage and the heart of the matter is all that remains. We cannot evade our shame. If we try to evade our shame, we will only succeed in empowering it in two important ways. First, a toxic event that remains unconscious retains its power. Second, when we allow our shame to retain its power, we make it immortal. The consequences of immortalizing our shame are immense. As long as we permit shame to function with impunity in our psyches, we will never be whole; we will never be happy; we will never be fulfilled; we will not go forward; we will not evolve; we will never know who we really are, or what our true purpose is. Toxic shame defeats the true purpose of our lives.

Psychic Bleeding

Chronic psychic bleeding, a consequence of toxic shame, like that experienced by my client, carries serious and immediate consequences. It steals our energy, deprives us of clarity, and upsets our emotional balance. In the end it leaves us powerless, victimized, enraged, and confused. As long as unconscious shame sits in our system, the door to the soul is closed to further contact, no matter how much we might meditate or pray, or how many hours of Yoga we might do a day. Nor does physical death end the tyranny of shame.

Our Unresolved History

Everything we failed to resolve while on earth must be resolved upon our return to earth. When we die, the emotional energy associated with our experience of shame leaves with us, becoming a part of our soul complex and a component of our unresolved history as an incarnated entity. Since shame survives death, it becomes more deeply embedded in the subconscious in our next incarnation and more unavailable to us. When we don’t deal with our shame, we immortalize it. What we postpone ends up owning us. When we immortalize our shame, we increase its potency.