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Alan Mesher has been an author, speaker and energy master for three decades. In his consultations, seminars and public appearances he has helped thousands of people overcome their personal struggles and elevate their lives. His clients include high powered professionals, psychologists, doctors, Academy Award and Grammy Award winners, corporate executives, and the family of a former President of the United States. He has authored three books on personal/spiritual growth: Journey of Love, The T Zone, and Just Who Do You Think You Are? Alan recently completed a metaphysical novel that is being considered for the big screen by a prominent Hollywood producer.

Previously, Alan was the Publisher of the Yoga Journal and hosted a radio talk show titled “Adventures in Consciousness” on KEST Radio in San Francisco and KLBJ Radio in Austin, TX. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Examiner and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Alan has appeared on TV and numerous nationally syndicated radio shows, including several appearances on “Coast to Coast AM” with Art Bell, the king of late night talk radio. During his first appearance on Coast to Coast Art Bell personally endorsed Alan’s healing work and urged his audience to call Alan if they needed help.

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