The Next Dimension Radio Show Promotion

THE NEXT DIMENSION Tues. Sept. 13, 8 pm est

Remarkable Transformations

Tues night at 8 pm est on THE NEXT DIMENSION RADIO SHOW Alan will share amazing healing stories from his 30yr career as an energetic practitioner. When people’s emotional energies are brought into balance remarkable transformations occur. Don’t miss this fascinating hour!

Listening Instructions

  1. To listen on your computer: go to at 8 pm EST. Type BBM in the search bar and hit enter. Then click on the BBM button. The program will play immediately
  2. To listen on your phone: Download the FREE tune in app. It’s green and white. Open the app. Tap the X in the top left hand corner. This opens the app to the main page. Type BBM in the search bar and hit enter.

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