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Part 2 Amazing Healing Stories

On Tues. Sept 20 at 8 pm EST Alan Mesher will share more amazing healing stories from a 30-year career as an energetic healer. These stories are educational, inspiring, uplifting and elevating. They indicate what is possible. Don’t miss it!

If you missed Part 1 last week you can listen to it here. (Show #16 at the bottom of the page)

Listening Instructions

  1. To listen on your computer: go to at 8 pm EST. Type BBM in the search bar and hit enter. Then click on the BBM button. The program will play immediately
  2. To listen on your phone: Download the FREE tune in app. It’s green and white. Open the app. Tap the X in the top left hand corner. This opens the app to the main page. Type BBM in the search bar and hit enter.

To listen to previous shows, click here.