The Glamor of Success


Desire and Disappointment

It is highly ironic to be sure, but getting what we desire often leads to disappointment. The initial sense of excitement that accompanies the march of desire toward its objective soon gives way to the inevitable experience of boredom and emptiness once that objective has been attained. Despite getting what we wanted, nothing within has really changed. Fear, greed, and desire are still with us, while our soul and spirit remain outside our conscious experience. As a result of our alienation from the deeper aspects of ourselves, the magic of getting what we want fails to endure beyond the initial sense of excitement it brings us. We went up for awhile and briefly forgot ourselves. Then we came back down and had to face our reality again.

Getting what we wanted did not relieve the weight of our lives or reduce the burden of our living. It did not bring us lasting peace, fill us with a brighter light, or make us more joyful. It failed to make us more conscious, end our silent suffering, or liberate us from our darkness. While success can last for a long time, it will fail to satisfy us for more than a short time. That is the curse of success. Happiness is always over the next hill.

The Seduction of Greed and Desire

Without recourse to our soul and spirit, we have no way to find our center or to be at peace. Instead, we are assigned by our failure in integrating the two major aspects of our system to live between conflicting waves of emotion. The promise of desire leads to disappointment. The hunger of greed leads to unhappiness. Both greed and desire lead us farther away from our real self. This is the seduction of greed and desire. Greed and desire can never complete us or make us whole. Instead, they create more distance between how we are manifesting ourselves in the world and who we really are.