Penn State Pedophile Scandal

Penn State Campus

The shocking pedophile allegations in the Penn State U. scandal are disgusting and sickening. Young, defenseless boys with no one to protect them were the prey of a predatory football coach who used his foundation and position at PSU to abuse young children while pretending to care for and champion them, helping them to find a “better” life. That better life translated into his license to indulge in sexual deviancy while his victims had their lives destroyed.

Sexual Assault

Joe Paterno, the head coach was informed by an assistant coach who witnessed a sexual assault on a young boy by Jerry Sandusky the former defensive coach in the showers. The head coach then told the upper management in the athletic department. The University President was also informed. That’s were it ended. The University launched no investigation of its own. Nor did it bring the matter to the police. All these men have now lost their jobs. Their silence allowed a known predator and pedophile to continue sexually assaulting young boys for several more years. Shame on them. They put protecting the University’s football reputation above the well being of young at risk boys. They allowed a sexual predator to continue abusing young children. Is this any different than the pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church where scores of pedophile priests abused thousands of young boys and girls in their congregations? Priests and coaches may seem like strange bedfellows but they share certain traits in common. They are in positions of trust and in close proximity to children. It was like plucking low hanging fruit off branches – until they were caught.


Boys Town, NE

The Franklin NE Scandal

Unfortunately, pedophilia is not limited to priests, coaches, and boy scout leaders. It infects the highest rungs of society and politics.  In Omaha NE in the 1980’s the infamous Franklin Scandal occurred. You can read about it here. A prominent businessman organized pedophile parties for the most powerful members of the business, political and judicial communities in Omaha. He brought orphans from Boys Town, a Catholic orphanage, to these parties where young boys and girls were violently assaulted and raped by the very people who should have been protecting them. These children purportedly were then brought to the Bush White House in the 1980’s where the same type of sickening abuse happened all over again.

The Portugal Scandal

Another sickening pedophile scandal came to light in Portugal in 2004. A six year trial lead to the conviction of several perpetrators. It followed the same trajectory as the Lincoln Savings debacle. High ranking members of the Portuguese parliament and judiciary were implicated in a pedophile ring. Boys from a state run orphanage were brought to parties attended by these politically powerful and connected people. During the parties these boys, none older than fourteen,  were beaten and violently raped.

Pedophilia and Satanism

Both of these examples, Omaha, NE and Portugal, were mentioned briefly in the media then disappeared. But the problem has never disappeared. Pedophilia and child sexual abuse has occurred in the Church, in our political institutions, and in our citadels of higher learning. Many pedophiles are not only highly disturbed and dangerous, but there is a satanic element to their depravity that finds its correspondence in rich, politically connected and powerful circles.

Pedophilia is not an isolated occurrence but a virulent sickness that has infected every strata of society. It cannot be eradicated until the satanic element behind it is exposed and brought to justice.