The Threat to Your Health: Part 1

A Multifaceted Attack

There is an ongoing, organized assault on the health of the American population. This assault on our health is multifaceted and deadly. If you are uninformed you not only risk losing your health, you will lose your health. Guaranteed. The assault on our health comes at us from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the pharmaceutical drugs we may take,  the wireless networks that we are exposed to 24/7, cell phone towers, satellites and HAARP installations. This multifaceted attack is unprecedented; without antecedent in human history.


Our air is laced with chemtrails. Chemtrails are not normal exhaust trails. They don’t disappear. They extend for miles in the sky at an elevation of 60,000 feet then fan out, making a beautiful blue sky filled with what appears to be a cloudy, hazy covering. These are no normal clouds. They are filled with a fine particulate mixture of barium and aluminum. Barium is highly carcinogenic while aluminum is a deadly toxin to the central nervous system. Aluminum is the one thing that is consistently found in the brains of those who have died from Alzheimers disease. In addition, the chemtrails are filled with heavy metals, arsenic, radioactive fallout and various viruses and bacterial diseases such as streptocaucus pneumonia.  We all breathe in this dangerous soup.  Eventually, the chemtrails fall to the ground contaminating our water supply, soil and crops.


In America most municipalities add flouride to the water. We’re told that flouride protects our teeth from cavities. The kind of flouride that is added to the water is industrial waste. It is deadly. It does not protect your teeth from cavities but makes them brittle. It causes bone cancer, weakens the thyroid gland, calcifies the pineal gland, causes brain lesions, lowers IQ, weakens joints, and makes people docile and easy to control. The control factor is why they add flouride to the water. It has nothing to do with protecting your teeth. The practice of adding flouride to the water supply began in the Nazi concentration camps and the Soviet gulags. When those regimes added flouride to the water they discovered they only needed 25% of the guards to control the prisoners than they needed when the water was not flouridated. Drinking flouridated water and using toothpaste and mouthwash that has flouride in it is dangerous for your health. Mary Sparrowdancer wrote the seminal paper on flouride. You can read it here.

Flouride toothpaste