Why Saturated Fat is Healthy

coconut: best source of saturated healthy fat

Coconut Oil for Your Health

Healthy fat is saturated fat and the healthiest saturated fat is coconut oil. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid (mcfa). Eating MFCA’s burns fat off the body that is stored in the hips, stomach and thighs. MFCA’s are healthy fat.  Sadly, the public has been mislead and believes that saturated fat is bad for you and bad for your heart. Public health officials have been telling the public to consume vegetable oils to improve their health for decades. This kind of misinformation is a threat to your health. The truth is most vegetable oils  are hydrogenated and contain trans fatty acids. They are high in omega 6 fatty acids and skew the balance necessary between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. A preponderance of omega 6  fatty acids in your body can lead to premature aging, heart problems, macular degeneration and several degenerative diseases. Trans fatty acids may contribute to, or cause diabetes, cancer, and irregular thyroid function among other health related issues.

The Incredible Benefits of Saturated Fat

Saturated fat, on the other hand, plays many important roles in your body. Calcium utilization in your skeletal structure requires the presence of saturated fat. Saturated fat increases and restores the insulin receptors on the cell membrane that show serious decline in type  2 diabetes. Coconut oil is good for the heart and detoxes the liver. It is also a great food for the brain. It increases energy, burns off fat, and raises the metabolism. It can also be used to treat skin problems, dandruff, fungus, and viruses. Coconut oil is healthy fat.

Saturated Fat and World Health

Many studies have found that countries where the population regularly consumes saturated fat are  among healthiest places in the world. Coconut oil has a high flash point so it is ideal to use in cooking. You should only use extra virgin organic cold pressed coconut oil. It is readily available in most health food stores. Do your body a favor this holiday season where most of us eat all the wrong foods and too much of them. Eat more saturated fat. Add a healthy fat like coconut oil to your diet. Use it in your cooking.  Eat a few tablespoons a day. L:ather it on rye bread or crackers. Start the new year by including the benefits of healthy fat in your diet.