The Secret Laws of the Shadow: Part 2

Carl Jung once wrote “that which we don’t confront within we will meet as fate.” In other words, there is a direct correlation betweenthe repressed emotion in our psyche and what will later manifest in our experience.

The Consequences of Repressed Emotion

Our shadow is composed of all the difficult and traumatic experiences we have endured but never confronted, processed, and cleared from our system. These experiences are latent in our psyche, obscure, hidden, and dangerous to our well-being. Just because we have forgotten them does not mean they have forgotten us. In fact, it is our conscious failure to remember these repressed emotional experiences that gives them their tremendous power to wreak havoc in our life. What we ignore eventually becomes the dominant power in our life.

Subconscious Immortality

The second secret law of the shadow states that the repressed emotion we fail to consciously confront and clear becomes exalted in our subconscious  attaining a state of conditional immortality. This means that whatever repressed emotion we have warehoused in our subconscious by not consciously confronting it has been given a license to not only repeat in this life but in future lifetimes as well. This extraordinary situation occurs because what we fail to clear in any one lifetime will burrow deeper into our system and be stored as a toxic condition in our soul. The deeper these  repressed emotions and toxic conditions  penetrate into our system the more difficult they are to find and clear. When we incarnate next time with these repressed emotions  firmly entrenched in our soul and outside our conscious remembrance they will initiate the negative cycle all over again. What we refuse or fail to face will remain immortal until we consciously face and clear it. That is the only condition that will defeat it, destroy its exalted status as a subconscious troublemaker, and completely remove its immortal status. Repressed emotion rules our life until we confront and clear it.

Psychic Balance

When we clear these toxic conditions and their repressed emotional content  from our system we come back to internal balance. This creates, in turn, an opportunity to consciously reunite with our Soul and remember who we really are. Consciously confronting our subconscious toxicity is then the key to transforming our experience and elevating our life.

A Transformative Event

Hector came to a healing workshop I gave at the University of Illinois. He was a slightly built man of medium height with a gentle and kind demeanor who was very eager to exploit his healing opportunity. When he first got on the healing table and the energies began to flow into him he quickly got peaceful. A moment later everything changed. His body got rigid and taut, and he started kicking and screaming, furiously trying to clear an intense and intolerable internal event. This went on for nearly forty-five minutes. When it was over his clothing was soaking wet and his body exhausted. Yet there was also a deep sense of peace within him that had not been there before. When his session was over Hector told me an amazing story.

When the energy began flowing into him he had immediately felt a deep sense of peace. He was completely relaxed when the unexpected began to unfold in his mind’s inner eye. He saw himself as a priest accused of heresy during the Inquisition. He denied the charges against him and was subjected to intense torture. First he was beaten severely. When he refused to recant he was put on the rack. When the rack failed to break him he was castrated and left to die in a pool of his own blood. He died swearing eternal revenge on those who had done this terrible thing to him.

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Free as a Bird

Emotional Repression and Disease

His story was prelude to an unfortunate circumstance in this life. Three years earlier he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and one of his testicles had been surgically removed. The repressed emotional trauma  that he had no conscious awareness of had manifested as cancer. Nowit was over. He had found his repressed emotional demon, faced it, re-experienced it and in doing so cleared it. The toxic experience that had plagued him for hundreds of years was robbed of its exalted status, deprived of its immortality, and completely defeated. Hector was free.