Paradigm Shift


Mother Teresa

Consciousness and Congruency

In the new archetype of consciousness, the world and the pursuit of spiritual growth are no longer in conflict but have become congruent. The world is not the enemy, but rather the reflection of our consciousness. We no longer have to be rigid, self-sacrificing, and self-righteous in the attempt to be clear, whole and expand our consciousness. In fact, those attributes will not only prevent us from being whole, but are also clear signs that we have failed in our attempt to elevate our consciousness. It is certainly acceptable to do good works in the world and have material abundance. Moreover, when we are whole and have what we need, we are less consumed by material possessions than we are when we lack them.

The Circle of Wholeness

It is only common sense to realize that if others benefit from our good works, so should we. Giving and receiving are equal parts of a larger whole. When we can receive the love of others, as well as give our love to them, we keep the positive energy flowing forward in our life and elevate our consciousness.

We gain positive life momentum and increase our consciousness when we clear the toxicity from our system. We strengthen and expand that momentum when we give of ourselves and allow others to give back to us. Wholeness is a circle, made up of equal parts of giving and receiving. When we operate within the dynamics of that circle we will experience the abundance and joy that are the signature of an elevated consciousness.