Karma and Accountability

Karma and Justice

Karma and Justice

Karma and Actions

Karma is real. Karma makes us all accountable for our actions. We do not operate in a vacuum. What we do to others and what we do to the world, life one day will do to us. Everything we do, the good as well as the bad, will eventually come home to us. Our actions create our karma, which will find us at some point in the future. We never escape that karma. Rumi, the great mystical poet of the fourteenth century, put the notion of karma and accountability in these terms: “If you cause injury to someone, you draw that same injury to yourself.”

The Golden Rule

Taking this fundamental truth of karma under consideration, our strategy should be to proceed thoughtfully and deliberately in our lives. We should be compassionate, sensitive, and clear in what we do and why we do it. Being deliberate and in control of our emotions is far superior to being impulsive and controlled by momentary desires. The wise person lives by The Golden Rule and will “do unto others as he would have them do unto him,” regardless of the way they have treated him. That way we create positive karma. Positive karma leads to accelerated momentum in our lives.


Negative Karma

If our actions have been destructive to other people’s well-being, all our attempts to deny our activities, discredit others, and distance ourselves from the repercussions of our actions will prove futile. You can never outrun or outfox your karma. Negative karma leads to difficulty, loss, and  sorrow in our lives. There is no escaping the long reach of the Law of Karma. The Law of Consequences, or Karma, makes no exceptions for anyone. We are all equal under that law. Karma has no favorites. God cannot be bribed or placated. What we do now determines what life will bring us later. We are all responsible for our karma and the impact it has on our future.

Karma and Free Will

Karma balances our free will. We can do what we want, but there are always consequences, or karma, for our actions. Knowing this the wise person always takes the highest positive path possible and creates good karma.