Healing Stories – Past Life Healing

past life healing

WW 2 German Soldiers

I received a phone call one afternoon from MK, the wife of the Whole Foods CEO.

“Alan,” she said, “I’ve just been diagnosed with cervical cancer.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that,” I replied.

“I need to make an appointment to see you. I know you’ll heal me.”

“You know I’ll give it 150 percent, MK,” I told her. “But I can’t guarantee results.”

When MK came in to my office a few days later I had her lay down on my table. I began by placing one hand under the base of her spine and the other under the base of her skull. The energy began flowing out of my hands immediately. MK became  very relaxed. As she relaxed the energy coming out of my hands turned a bright red. Meanwhile, MK’s face turned gray and her whole body became agitated. Soon she began shaking her head back and forth and moaning, “I can’t see! I can’t see!”

The energy pouring out of me grew hotter. MK grew more agitated, her legs forcefully kicking the table. A moment passed, then she started screaming in German, a language she does not  know. It was Helmut this and Helmut that. This went on for approximately forty-five minutes. All that time, she continued screaming in German, kicking the table and twisting her body.

At this point  the energy flowing through me changed from a bright red to a soft gold. A moment later, MK stopped screaming and kicking. She became very peaceful, her breath rising and falling slowly. Soon it was time to end the session. I withdrew my hands and waited for her to come back to normal consciousness.

When she did the first thing she said was,”Why did you stop? I was out of my body floating in golden light. I have never felt so light, peaceful and safe.”

“It was time,” I said. “You completed what you needed to release. Do you remember what you were screaming about in German?”

“It was my last life,” sighed MK. “It was World War 2. I was married to a German general. When he came back after the war ended he said he had hated killing the Jews he was ordered to shoot. When he said that I confessed to him what I did during the war.”

“What was that?”

“I used my status as a General’s wife to get Jews out of the country. When I told him that he went crazy. He beat me up,  raped me,  ripped out my eyes and left me to die. That’s how my life ended.”

“How do you feel now?”

“Wonderful. Much lighter. I had no idea I was carrying that nightmare inside me. You healed me.”

“We won’t know for sure until you go back to the Dr. and get tested.”

MK called me back two weeks later to tell me that her cervical cancer was gone.

There is often a direct connection between what happened in another lifetime and what happens in this one. Past life trauma often manifests in illness, dysfunctional relationships and limiting circumstances. If we do not bring up to consciousness the trauma hidden in the depths or our soul, those hidden events will continue to control us, limit us and affect our health until we do. The past controls the present and the future until we face and release it. In Mk’s case, her repressed rage at what had happened to her  caused her cancer. Thankfully, MK faced her painful past, relived the trauma, released her rage and went free. The cancer never returned.