Healing Stories

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Energy Healing and Grandpa Max

After helping people bring their lives into balance in a career spanning three decades I have a huge collection of energy healing stories. This one is about my grandfather Max. Some years ago I received a call from my mother telling me that if I wanted to see my grandfather before he died I’d better come home to Boston right away. I dropped everything, got on a plane in Austin where I was then living, and rushed home. The next day we went to the nursing home to see my grandpa. When we got there he was by himself in a wheel chair sitting by a wall in the activities room, sleeping. I had never seen my grandfather like that. He had always been an animated, energetic man who loved life. To see him like that, a shell of himself was heartbreaking.

The Prayer

I grabbed the wheel chair and took him to his room. I sat in front of him and took his hands in mine. The back of his hands were swollen with blood. More shock. I took a deep breath to center myself, then began sending energy healing from my hands into his. I watched as his energy field filled up with bands of bright gold and pink energy. He opened his eyes and smiled, happy to see me. I kept up the energy healing for twenty five minutes. At the end of that time I said a prayer for my grandfather. “Dear Lord, let my grandfather have quality of life for what time remains to him and when his time comes, let him go easily and peacefully.”

Energy Healing Transformation

My mother and I then put my grandpa in his bed and covered him with a blanket. He went to sleep immediately. The next day, Sunday, we came back. Joining us were my brother, my uncle and my cousin. The evidence of the energy healing was very apparent. My grandpa was fully alive and animated. His eyes were bright, he told jokes, and the swelling on the back of his hands had gone down seventy- five percent. When it was time to go and we were all leaving, my grandpa called me back. I went over to him and leaned down. He whispered in my ear how much he loved me.

The Answer

I went back to Austin the next day. On Tuesday afternoon my mother called. My grandfather had gone into a coma and died early that afternoon. The energy healing had done its job. eGod had answered my prayer. My grandfather had quality of life in the short time that remained to him and when it was his time he went easily and peacefully. He was ninety seven. It was years ago, but I still miss him and always will.

Passing It On

I told my grandpa’s energy healing story to client of mine in Los Angeles as we were driving to see her husband who had been in intensive care for months in LA County Hospital. The doctors were baffled and unable to diagnose what was wrong with him. My client was sure he had been poisoned by ruthless business competitors. After I was done working on him, she asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting outside for a few minutes. “Not at all, ” I replied. “Take your time.”

She came out of his room twenty minutes later, tears streaming down her face. “I said the prayer for my husband that you said for your grandfather Max,” she told me as we drove away.

Her husband passed peacefully later that night. His long ordeal was over.


Stories are powerful things. Never be afraid to share them. You never know the impact they may have and the good they can do when you share them. Energy healing is a powerful instrument of transformation.