Self Love: Part 1

A Toxic Moral Code

While we are far removed from the historical era of the Puritans one stream of Puritan thought remains as a stubborn thorn in our collective unconscious. The Puritans of the Seventeenth century adhered to a moral code that at once condemned self-love as a sin while it elevated self-denial as a major virtue. While it is true that self-love can devolve into hubris and excessive pride it is equally true that it may also develop into self-confidence, optimism, and compassion. Regardless of how we choose to view self-love one thing is certain. Self love is the basis of happiness. If we can’t love ourselves we won’t like what we do; we won’t respect ourselves; we won’t have good relationships; and we will be highly critical of everyone and everything around us. We can never please someone who does not love themselves.

 Self Denial

What real good then is to be gained by rigorously conforming to self-denial as a standard of conduct? There are five consequences to self-denial and, unfortunately, none of them are good. Frustration; unhappiness; the loss of personal power; the expenditure of large effort with little result; the failure to become the person we were meant to be. However, these consequences do not condone license and the indiscriminate pursuit of all urges and desires. Far from it.

The Book of Secrets

Manifesting What You Want

A healthy sense of self love is based on self-discipline and a strong moral compass. In the spiritual sense, Self-love is the foundation of Self-Realization. After all, we can’t feel one with all life if we don’t feel at one with our own life. Self-love is an indication that we have cleared our unconscious toxicity, healed our emotional wounds, and become psychologically and spiritually whole. When we are able to love ourselves life takes on an entirely different hue. What was difficult becomes easy. What once took great effort becomes more effortless. Self love is the secret key that unlocks the law of attraction and makes it easy to manifest what we want. When you have Self love you are moving in harmony with your soul.