Self love: Part 2

When we experience real self love there is no more fear and self-doubt to limit us or tie us in knots. As our capacity for self-love grows our inner power increases. Our confidence grows. When we have self love we become highly magnetic and attract those things that support and enrich us. Everything becomes much easier.

Soul Wounds

Beyond our historical conditioning, what factors prevent us from experiencing self love? Basically, what precludes us from developing more of a capacity for healthy self love is the same unconscious plague that prevents us from achieving other positive things in life. That plague is the hidden emotional toxicity in our bodies. This toxicity is the product of how life has wounded us, not only in this lifetime, but in prior lifetimes as well. Unconscious toxicity is the antagonist of self love. If we don’t clear our trauma during the lifetime in which it happened, the energy of that wound is warehoused in our soul for later resolution. When we incarnate again, that same wound, in the form of blocked energy in our soul, returns with us. These “soul wounds” activate past patterns from other lifetimes that we have no conscious recollection of and no conscious connection to. In other words, the trauma keeps happening all over again even though we’re in a new body and a new life. These wounds are hidden, extremely virulent, and dangerous to our well-being. This toxicity creates divisions in the psyche and  fragments us,  making self love impossible to achieve.

The Big Lie

Unconscious negative patterns throw us into a life of self-denial and unhappiness. They cast a shadow over our lives and conspire to convince us that we are less than who we really are. This is the big lie our wounds and karma have instilled in us. Its existence and continued persistence in our lives is clear evidence that we suffer from a lack of self love. 


A popular way to deal with unconscious negativity is through the repetition of affirmations. Unfortunately, affirmations have no real impact on the blocked emotional energy hidden in our bodies. They are like putting a band aid on a heart attack. They allow us to wallow in the comfortable delusion that we have taken care of the problem when we have not; that we have changed the schematics of our subconscious when we have changed nothing; that we have alleviated our suffering and created self love when we have done anything but.

The negative ego, which controls unconscious toxicity, is not at all affected by affirmations. In fact, the negative ego loves it when we use affirmations. It would rather have us employed in useless actions thinking we’re doing something to control it than in utilizing an effective strategy to defeat it. Creating more delusions will not help us experience self love and elevate our lives.

We only defeat the long reach of our shadow when we take fourfold action.

  1. Find it
  2. Face it
  3.  Feel it
  4.  Finish & Forgive it.

When we clear our unconscious toxicity the power of affirmations will work for us. When we  are whole – and not divided and deluded – we have access to all of our power. When our power is working for us it is easy to create life momentum. Affirmations can then direct that momentum into creating the life we want. Wholeness, self love, momentum and the use of affirmations create a powerful set of factors that will lead us to success and fulfillment.