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SHAME: A SUMMARY | unconscious toxicity

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unconscious toxicity

Shame: A summary of major points

  • Unconscious toxicity ties us to the past. While unconscious toxicity remains in the psyche, the past is prologue to the future.
  • We strengthen our shame when we refuse to face it. What we don’t clear becomes repetitive and immortal.
  •  Unconscious toxicity is both kingmaker and spoiler. It gives the ego its crowning power, while preventing the soul from claiming its rightful place of authority.
  • Unconscious toxicity splits us off from our spiritual nature, our happiness and our fulfillment. When toxic elements hide within our psyche, we cannot be whole or advance our evolution beyond where we are now. As long as the negative ego holds the reigns of power, we will never realize our true identity or find our higher purpose.
  • As long as unconscious toxicity remains in the psyche, the negative ego will retain its hegemony over the soul, and inner balance will be impossible to achieve. When we regain our inner balance, we reopen the doors of possibility. The future will not be a restatement of past toxicity, but an opportunity to increase our inner light.
  •  Inner balance emerges when two conditions are fulfilled. First, we burn up our shame. Second, our soul emerges as the rightful ruler of the psyche. When we regain our balance with the soul becoming the main authority in the psyche, we have the opportunity to discover who we really are and what our higher purpose is.
  • When we burn up our unconscious toxicity we jump-start our growth. With the removal of the hidden blocks in our system our life momentum turns positive and progress toward the goal of Self-realization accelerates dramatically.

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One Response to “SHAME: A SUMMARY | unconscious toxicity”

  1. Manuel says:

    If your story and thousand of oehrts can reach a lot of people maybe more people will be able to avoid some of these traps. You know, I was thinking about the bully starting out as child and continuing their behavior unchecked as an adult; hadn’t even considered the person being bullied becoming an abuser! I wonder if the latter is even more prevalent. Then I think about how often we hear that some of these mass shooters were victims of abuse. I know one thing, girls need to have a strong relation ship with one or more men other than their companion. I’m talkin’ about, father, brother, cousin and or father figure. The lady needs to have clear verbal understanding with their companion up front; making it plain that verbal and physical abuse are unacceptable and will be revealed if it ever happens. Can’t couples have healthy disagreements and conflicts that don’t rise to the level of abuse? I am convinced that generally speaking all that’s necessary (early on) is a phone call to let the fellow know that his line crossing is known. No threats. (You never forewarn anyway). It is not good for outsiders to get too deeply involved (at the spat level)not knowing all the facts. I am sure you agree, that once abuse is demonsrated acknowledged, it’s up to the lady to terminate the relationship, knowing she has backup. This may not be an easy thing to do; but from a man’s point of view, it’s a safer, preventive route. Plus if things escalate there are witnesses People allow themselves to be victimized by giving up their own power and survival weapons. You’re on the freedom side now and are helping free oehrts through your video messages. KEEP AT IT.

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