The Game of Life


Steve Prefontaine

The Pace of Life

It is unfortunate that few people integrate their system, clear their karma and find their wholeness. That failure, however, does not change the rules of the game of life or release us from the unrelenting pressure life places on us to force our growth and resolve our karma. It only means that the consciousness we fail to develop in this lifetime is the consciousness we must develop in our next lifetime. Death does not end the soul’s demand for growth or resolve our lack of integration and our failure to find our real self. Death is but a timeout, a rest stop in the long journey of the soul.

The Pace of Evolution

Since most people are not focused on their integration and internal development, their growth proceeds at a glacial pace. One of the critical functions to fall within the scope of The Law of Consequences (Karma), is the pace of our individual evolution. The Law of Consequences  or karma insures that our life momentum is proportionate to our consciousness and our actions. If we don’t take action to confront and defeat our toxicity and integrate our system, the Law of Consequences will keep the cycle of karma active in our life. The repetition of patterns of karma provides a strong brake to building positive life momentum. Instead of moving toward our destiny, we repeat our toxic patterns of karma. As long as the brake of karma is an active force in our life, our growth cannot be anything but hard and slow. However, when we clear our toxicity and karma, we also remove the karmic brake from our lives and are free to build positive life momentum. When our system is clear of toxic karma, our mind is clear to act in our best interests. A clear system, a clear mind, and clear action create accelerating life momentum. When we escape the heavy weight of our karma, our growth is much faster, and our life becomes much more satisfying than it would be otherwise.

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