When Shame is Unresolved


Shame: Past and Present

When we have failed to face our shame, the unresolved shame of the past becomes the unknown shame the present. When the source of our shame is unknown, it is much more difficult to connect the patterns of the past to the events of the present. Unresolved shame becomes unconscious shame. We don’t know and can’t remember why we feel the way we do. As shame becomes unconscious, the odds increase substantially that it will remain immortal. One of the more disturbing consequences of immortalizing shame is that it greatly increases the internal distance that must be traversed if we are to become the person we were always meant to be.

Real Self vs. Shamed Self

Our real self is not a part of material creation. The real self, unlike the physical body that houses it for a specific incarnation, does not originate in the material world. It belongs to the higher realms of the spirit and is unconditionally immortal. Nothing can change its true nature or destroy it. Shame, in contrast, is a part of material creation. Its immortality is conditional. It only becomes immortal if we refuse to face and clear it. When we finally confront it, it loses its immortal status and is destroyed. It will plague us no more.

Everything in life has a price. Nothing comes without a cost. The price of freedom and fulfillment is overcoming everything within you that is not the real you. The cost of healing your shame is finding it, facing it, feeling it, and clearing it.

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