Two Small Miracles

Some years ago when I was visiting East Lansing, MI a woman brought her teenage daughter to me. The girl was a special needs student who was also a disciplinary problem. When they arrived the young lady refused to get on my treatment table. No matter what either I or her mother said she adamantly refused to lay down on the table. Instead, we sat cross legged on the floor facing each other. She kept the pillow she had brought with her in her lap, clutching it fiercely with one hand for protection. I went into a meditative state and  let the healing energy flow through my body and energy centers into her. There wasn’t much else I could do. Every once in a while she’d move her free hand in a circle and touch my knee. That’s it. That’s all we did for an hour. Certainly one of the stranger and more frustrating sessions I’ve ever had in a career that has spanned over three decades. After the hour was up, her mother apologized profusely to me, clearly embarrassed by her daughter’s behavior. She said she was sorry she had wasted my time. I told her not to worry, that the results of the treatment would come later.

Two weeks later, she called me. This time, she wasn’t upset or frustrated, but excited and happy. The day after the session, her daughter told her that she no longer wanted to drink coke or eat fast food. Up until that time that’s all she would eat. In those two weeks, her behavior had shifted radically. She wasn’t a disciplinary problem on the school bus or in the classroom anymore. The woman wanted to continue her daughters healing and schedule a long distance session for her. I told her I would be happy to do that for her and suggested that she make the appointment for a time when her daughter would be asleep. It would be easier to do the healing that way. She agreed.

She called at the appointed time. I told her to put the phone next to her daughter and leave the bedroom and close the door. For the next half hour I sent the energy into the young woman’s back, her lungs and her brain. I finished the session by sending energy into her solar plexus. The girl slept through the entire treatment which is what I hoped would happen.

A few days later, her mother took her to see their D.O. The D.O. gave the girl a complete checkup. To her amazement the left ventricle of her brain had opened up and was now functioning normally. That was a totally new development. As far as I know the young lady continued to make rapid progress after those two sessions.