Soul Resonance

Soul connection

A soul connection cannot occur until, and unless, we are internally quiet and at peace. The constant chatter and internal dialogue that occurs in the minds of most people, most of the time, prevents a deep soul connection from taking place, but once we are centered and at peace, the gateway is opened and the ground prepared for a meaningful soul connection to occur. As our soul connection slowly develops, we are drawn to engage in activities that resonate with our soul.

Accelerating Personal Growth

The presence of soul connection and resonance in our lives indicates a high probability of success and fulfillment in our endeavors. A strong soul connection quickens the pace of our inner growth and personal evolution. While we need to find our way in the world we live in, we must also find our way within ourselves. To succeed in both tasks is rare, but need not be. Balance is the key to the future. Until we develop a strong soul connection, material success is attainable, but true fulfillment is always over the next hill. We have been educated to achieve and succeed. We must also learn to be clear, centered, and at peace. We have focused on training and developing our intellect. We now need to develop our intuition and experience a true soul connection.

Resolving Conflict

When we establish our soul connection, the world has more to gain from what we can give it than we have to gain from what the world can give us. The world has an abundance of most things, but it has a great shortage of wisdom, understanding, love, and compassion—all qualities of higher consciousness and a deep soul connection. If more of us developed soul resonance, we would find common ground more easily, and we would overcome conflict with less difficulty.

A change in mass consciousness is never easy, but to keep going in the direction we are now headed in is infinitely worse. It is far better to struggle for an improved future than to suffer a mass calamity because of our collective inertia. It is time that more of us developed our inner pathways and experienced a meaningful soul connection.

The Key to Successful Relationships

Once you have developed your soul connection it is much easier to attract another soul that resonates with you. That is the secret of all successful relationships. If your energies are aligned the relationship will work. if they aren’t, it won’t. You might stay in it but it will not be a source of happiness, support and growth.