Return of the Stallion

animals reincarnate

Return of the Stallion

When I was a young man freshly graduated from college I moved to the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. The years I spent there were the happiest of my life. While there, I met Eleanor Moore, the woman who mentored me as an energy healer. She opened a whole new world and life experience  that I was not expecting. I certainly had no intention of being a healer even though I found what Eleanor did fascinating. The first time I met her, Eleanor looked at my palm and told me that I was right behind her and could do what she did. Sure, I thought to myself, fat chance of that. But she was far wiser than me. That’s exactly what happened.

I remained close to Eleanor until he death, twenty years later.  I’ve never seen anyone before or since who could come close to her in ability, unconditional love, and healing power. Eleanor was never into hocus pocus New Age philosophies filled with nonsense and questionable substance that have become so prevalent and neither was I.  She just brought more love, deep insight and power to the table than anyone I have ever met.

Originally, I thought I’d stay in New Hampshire for a year or so and  either go to on law school or to graduate school and get a PhD. It didn’t turn out that way, thank God. I was never meant to live a normal, conventional life. I’mtoo much the pioneer. That’s just my nature.

While in New Hampshire I remember being at someone’s  birthday party, and while I can’t remember whose party it was, I do remember meeting a woman there named Clarissa who told me  a most intriguing story that I will now share with you.

Clarissa raised horses and among them was a young colt who showed exceptional promise as a jumper. That colt was the apple of Clarissa’s eye and a favorite among the other horses as well. Then one day tragedy struck. The colt broke a front leg jumping a fence and had to be put down. Clarissa was heartbroken. It took her a  long time to get over it.

Three years after the young colt’s death she had a strange dream. She dreamt that the colt came to her and told her to go a horse auction in Maryland on a particular Saturday and to look for a malnourished yearling that would be among the horses auctioned off. The colt told her to buy it. In the morning Clarissa checked her horse magazines and sure enough there was a horse auction scheduled to be held in Maryland on the very day the colt had told her in her dream.

Clarissa was excited. How often does a dead horse come to you in a dream? And what did she have to lose anyway? A few days? A trip? Some money? It was an adventure, and by God Clarissa was up for an adventure! So off she went. She got to the auction early and waited as they sold off lot after lot of  promising horses. At this point it wasn’t looking good. By now it was late afternoon and the auction was nearly concluded. Hardly any buyers remained.

Clarissa was starting to feel stupid and foolish. What am I? she thought. A crazy woman who listens to dreams. I’ve been played by my own subconscious. She grimaced and rose to leave. It was just then that the final horse was brought into the ring, a malnourished young colt who moved poorly. Clarissa’s jaw dropped. Her eyes bulged. The horse looked exactly as she had seen it in her dreams. She was the only bidder and bought it for next to nothing.

Lare, while filling out the paperwork the clerk asked her, “Lady, why’d you buy that sorry looking yearling when you could have bought any  number of good lookin’ young horses on the cheap? That horse has no future.”

“Oh, a hunch,” she said. “Just a hunch.”

“Ma’am,” said the clerk, shaking his head. “With all due respect, that’s just nuts.”

Clarissa didn’t answer. She could care less what the man thought. Her only thought was to load the horse in the horse van and get it home.

When they arrived in NH the next day, Clarissa put the colt in the barn with the other horses. The other horses had all been there for many years. When the colt was brought into the barn they began neighing excitedly. In seconds, the barn was in an uproar the likes of which Clarissa had never seen. Later, when she put all the horses out to pasture theycrowded around the scrawnycolt and rubbed noses with it.

With good food and plenty of rich grass the malnourished, undersized colt quickly put on weight and muscle and grew into a beautiful stallion. It went on to be champion jumper and would live a long , happy life.

Sometimes, the wisest thing you can do is follow a hunch. It brought Clarissa’s horse back to her and allowed it to complete the life it should have had before an accident tragically ended it early. People reincarnate. Most of us know that. But animals do too.