The Threat to Your Health: Part 4

Genetically Modified Foods


Genetically Modified (GM) Foods

Monsanto is busy converting the world’s food supply to genetically modified foods. Already there are several foods  that are nearly all genetically modified. These include  soybeans, corn and canola. All these crops are more than 90% genetically modified. Soy products are in many processed foods as are corn products. This means that high fructose corn sweetener which is many foods is also a genetically modified additive. High fructose corn syrup is behind the explosion in diabetes and causes inflammation throughout the body.

Consequences of Eating Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified foods replace the healthy flora in your gut with toxic insecticides. Tests show that genetically modified foods enlarge the liver, shrink the brain and depress the immune system. Perhaps as troubling as those findings are,  is that research also shows that genetically modified foods severely affect reproductive functions.  Every succeeding generation is weaker than the one preceding it until it becomes nearly impossible to reproduce at all. Talk about population control! Genetically modified foods are the perfect vehicle to depopulate the planet.

Other Genetically Modified Foods

Other genetically modified foods include sugar beets, crookneck squash and Hawaiian papaya. The latest genetically modified food crop is alfalfa. Wherever genetically modified alfalfa is grown it will spread five miles in all directions contaminating all other crops within that range. This means that eventually it will be impossible to buy grass fed organic beef or drink organic milk or eat organic cheese.

Michael  Taylor a former Monsanto Vice President, the corporation responsible for the introduction and spread of genetically modified  seeds, is no longer with Monsanto. He is now a member of the Obama administration working hard at the FDA and doing his rabid best to ensure the spread of genetically modified foods in America and around the world, especially in Africa.

Given the flouride in our water, the heavy metals in the chemtrails and the toxins in the conventional food chain the only solution is to eat as organically as possible.

You can see the spread of genetically modified crops around the world on this map.