The Path to Mastery



Service and Self Interest

The truth the negative ego cannot grasp is that we always feel more fulfilled when we serve the well-being of others through giving than when we adhere strictly to our own self-interest. Giving of ourselves enriches us more than taking from others ever could. The richest among us are those who have succeeded in their inner journey. Their consciousness is filled with inner light. They have integrated their system and are whole. Their spirit, soul, mind, personality, emotions, and physical body are in alignment. Because of that alignment, their outer activities are in harmony with their essential nature. What they choose to do and how they go about giving reflects who they really are. They have no internal resistance and no toxic shadow to deprive them of fulfillment. Instead, they have the support of a higher power in their endeavor. The “force” is with them. The world benefits from their vision, their work, their love, their giving and their words. They are not here to take. They are here to serve and to give.

True masters walk among us. However, most people have not developed enough inner light to recognize that state of giving in others and so disregard what is offered them.

The Critical Importance of Personal Evolution

The purpose of the path of personal evolution is to help us find ourselves and succeed in life’s journey. Life works when we are whole and involved in giving to others. Kindness counts. Life is difficult enough. It is a far more difficult proposition when we have not integrated the physical and spiritual aspects of our nature. The world needs us all to be successful in that endeavor.

This is the path to mastery.  Are you ready to answer the call of your soul? Are you prepared for the journey to mastery? Are you ready to give more and take less? The journey will cost you everything you are and everything you have, but nothing more. In the process you will convert the heavy lead in your nature into pure gold.