The Negative Ego and Its Core Dilemma

negative ego

Candle in the Darkness

The Problem

Meanwhile, the negative ego has a dilemma on its hands. While the negative ego feels safe in moving outward in the world, as opposed to moving inward to face the toxicity buried in its host’s system, it will never find lasting safety in doing so. The primary role of the negative ego is to protect its host from having to feel his original pain and fear again. The negative ego does this by burying those toxic experiences in his body, determined to keep them out of sight at all costs. If the host never has to feel them again, he can pretend they no longer exist. Unfortunately, denial is not a solution. It simply creates more internal distance between the host’s conscious mind and his subconscious afflictions. That distance doesn’t strengthen him. Instead, it undermines him by empowering his unconscious toxicity.

Dredging the Darkness

As we know, we cannot heal the splits in our nature until we raise the pain hidden in our body to the surface of our conscious mind. Given that operational truth, the negative ego cannot succeed in its primary mission of protecting us from pain. However, the negative ego does a very good job in distracting us from our primary mission in life, which is to realize who we really are. The truth is that the negative ego cannot protect us from fear and pain. The fact that pain is buried in our body means that we will attract more of it into our life, no matter how strong our resistance to it is or how powerful our sense of denial about it may be. As long as unresolved issues plague the subconscious, the will of the subconscious is negatively polarized. When an aspect of the will is negatively polarized, it holds the entire will hostage.

How Long Will We Stay in the Dark?

The negative ego then has little real security beyond how well it can keep us in the dark about our own darkness. A key goal of the relationship between the negative ego and the three forces of alienation is to keep us trapped in a limited experience of reality, where the most important parts of our nature are never seen or experienced.