The Inner Revolution


The Coming Storm

The Balance of Power

The main purpose of the Elimination Zone is to shift the balance of power in the psyche from the negative ego to the soul. Since the source of the negative ego’s power is seated in the repressed emotional toxicity hidden in the psyche, the transfer of power from the negative ego to the soul is always preceded by emotional upheaval. The purpose of that upheaval is to clear unconscious toxicity from the psyche. This catharsis is a revolution, a change that initiates a new order of authority and power in the psyche and marks the beginning of the path of personal evolution. When that purge takes place, the negative ego loses its power base. The negative ego is no longer in control, and the psyche is no longer split and divided.

As a consequence of that revolution, things in our life that no longer work will depart of their own volition or be shown the door. Outmoded working and living conditions, relationships, beliefs, and lifestyles will fall away. Conditions and opportunities that are more in harmony with our true nature and real power will begin to take their place.

A Shift in Consciousness

One of the governing principles of all true internal work is that a shift in consciousness leads to a change in circumstances. As we move forward in the work of personal evolution, there will be several such shifts. Each shift will upgrade and elevate our life experience and increase our inner power. Personal evolution has the potential to compress the work of several lifetimes into a few lifetimes, or even one. How long the work will take depends upon our level of evolution, our willingness to stand in our true power, and our readiness for the journey. Regardless of where we may think we are or how advanced we think we might be, the journey begins in the same way for all of us. Entering the Elimination Zone and purging our unconscious toxicity is the foundation for all further advances in consciousness.