Igniting Growth


The Buddha

Clearing Toxicity

If we do not clear our toxicity we cannot expand our consciousness. Our toxicity and lack of consciousness will prevent our soul from taking its rightful position of influence within our psyche, and our evolution will be unconscious and minimal at best. It is difficult to grow when we are not consciously involved with our consciousness. Growth that is forced to proceed along strictly unconscious lines is growth that advances at a glacial pace.

We ignite our growth toward more consciousness when we choose to participate in it. The difference between unconscious and conscious growth is the difference between riding on a donkey and flying in a jet. There is no real comparison.

Consciousness vs Desire

Consciousness and desire then, are different poles of experience. Consciousness is the positive pole. It quickens the pace of our struggle for more internal light and a deeper connection with our soul. It forces us to face the unhealed parts of our nature and then liberates us from our toxicity so we may find ourselves.

Desire is the negative pole of experience. It keeps us churning in the machinations of the negative ego. As long as we are stirred up and involved in one drama after another, we will not find peace, establish a connection to our soul, or go forward in our march toward greater consciousness. Drama keeps us involved and preoccupied with the objects of our desire so that we are unaware of our emptiness and our loss of our real self.

The Negative Ego

The covert purpose of the negative ego is to keep the soul from entering the psyche and short circuit our potential for more consciousness.  If it succeeds in that purpose, it will remain in control of the psyche and will not have to endure its own transformation into a healthy ego. Desire and the negative ego are the great antagonists to wholeness, completion and consciousness. That is their role in the great play of human evolution. They are not our friends. To defeat them, we must develop our inner light, integrate the two sides of our system, and reclaim our ability to love unconditionally. When we are able to do that we increase our consciousness exponentially. As we become more integrated,  we will be able to turn away from the path of most resistance with little further resistance.