The Coming Zombie Generations



Building a Human Robot

A lot of recent media attention has focused on the zombie effect, making the state of a walking human robot seem cool and attractive. The media never does anything by accident. The zombie campaign is by design, part of a social engineering agenda to dumb down society even more. Dr Peter Breggin, a noted psychiatrist, wrote about this trend in a recent blog on the Huffington Post. In that post Dr Breggin quotes from an article by Prof. Richard Friedman of Cornell Medical college in NYC.

Anti-Psychotic Drugs

“You will never guess,” wrote Prof. Friedman, “what the fifth and sixth best-selling prescription drugs are in the United States, so I’ll just tell you: Abilify and Seroquel, two powerful antipsychotics. In 2011 alone, they and other antipsychotic drugs were prescribed to 3.1 million Americans at a cost of $18.2 billion, a 13 percent increase over the previous year, according to the market research firm IMS Health.

Friedman further wrote that “It was also soon discovered that the second-generation antipsychotic drugs had serious side effects of their own, namely a risk of increased blood sugar, elevated lipids and cholesterol, and weight gain.”

Lobotomizing Agents

After quoting Prof. Friedman Dr. Breggin wrote that “The reality is that all of these drugs are nonspecific lobotomizing agents that disrupt biochemical neurotransmission to the frontal lobes. I examine these effects in my book: Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry, Second Edition. They achieve their effect by making people indifferent and apathetic toward their own suffering and toward life itself, in the extreme creating a grossly apparent zombie effect. A number of studies, summarized in my new book, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, also indicate that they may shorten the lifespan by many years in some patient populations.

These drugs are being prescribed for everyday anxiety and insomnia and given to children for ADD and insomnia among other conditions. Big Pharma in conjunction with the PTB are intent on raising a generation of with zombie characteristics to serve their agenda. They want a mindless and docile population, in short, a zombie world. Start the zombie effect young and keep them hooked for life. As noted by Dr. Breggin, these drugs take years off the life of those who have been prescribed them. That makes it even sweeter for the PTB. A real two for one deal. Start the zombie effect early. Make them dumb from the get go and let them die young. Who cares? Certainly not the PTB. A zombie has little worth and utility. Once the machinery is in place its easy to create another zombie or another thousand.

Here’s the link for the full article. Please take a few minutes and read it.