The Ego and Enlightenment: Part 3 The Surrendered Ego

It is impossible to know who we are when we operate in life under the authority of the negative ego. The foundation of the negative ego is the unconscious toxicity and hidden karma warehoused in the subconscious mind. This material forms our shadow and separates us from our soul and true identity. As long as this material remains highly charged we will not be emotionally stable or at peace but restless and unhappy.

The Battle for Supremacy: Which Ego Will Win?

Revolution in the Psyche

The formation of the healthy ego creates a critical revolution in the psyche. The impetus for this revolution is our choice “not to take it anymore” from the negative ego. In other words, we are fed up with living an unhappy, unsatisfying, and uninspired existence. Instead of going along with the negative ego’s control over our life we turn inward and confront the unconscious toxicity hidden in our system. By confronting and clearing this material we re-establish our connection to our soul. Rather than being divided against our self we are whole and united in our being. We can now focus on creating healthy boundaries, building positive and loving relationships, and moving toward our soul’s light.

The Soulmind

As our inner light grows brighter our mind and soul will no longer remain distinct and separate, but merge and become part of a continuum of consciousness. With the advent of the soulmind this merger begins to send an intermittent signal to the spirit above it. As that signal becomes strong and consistent through service and meditation it eventually will draw the brighter light of the spirit down to it. When the spark of the spirit ignites the soulmind we experience the moment of human fulfillment, Self-Realization. It is in that moment that the healthy ego is transformed into the Surrendered Ego.

The Surrendered Ego

The Surrendered Ego is highly intuitive and inner directed. It is creative, joyful, and a channel of unconditional love. The Surrendered Ego is at peace and highly stable. It is free of fear and no longer emotionally reactive. It does not create more negative karma. Rather than engaging in struggles for power someone who has a Surrendered Ego makes everyone around him, or her, better.

The Great Man

The Great Man

In my first book, Journey of Love, I wrote these words about the Great Man, the person who has achieved a Surrendered Ego.

“A great man is driven by neither anxiety nor ambition. He has no desire for recognition or fame. Instead the great man has discovered his true nature and is filled with love. From this discovery his greatness flows.

For the great man life is internally rich and peaceful. He is content. Neither struggle nor conflict stirs within him. Because of his contentment, his activities are filled with clarity and compassion. This is the essence of his greatness.

The great man does not want to be different from his friends and neighbors. Rather, he wants them to be as fulfilled as he is. This is the secret of his greatness.”

Sheila’s Story

Sheila came to a lecture I gave in Rochester NY. At the end of the talk I channeled healing energy to the entire group. The energy was quite strong that night. The next morning Sheila came running into the healing workshop just as we were about to begin. She was nearly hysterical. “ I didn’t sleep at all last night,” she cried. “ Every fifteen minutes I alternated between being freezing cold or burning up. I was sure someone was going to kill me. What did you do to me?”

I really didn’t answer her because I knew the energy had activated a heavy piece of her hidden karma and that the truth wouldn’t calm her down. The burning sensation she had experienced all night was the healing energy mobilizing her unconscious toxicity. The feeling of freezing was the melting of ancient dead energies that had clogged her system and bound her to the past.

What had actually happened to Sheila was amazing and miraculous but she was not ready to hear that. So instead I told her to get on a healing table and we’d get right to work on her. She gratefully complied and lay down on the table. I assigned three people to work with her and told them where to place their hands. Within a few minutes the high spiritual energy that was in that room to facilitate the healings poured through them. Sheila quickly grew very peaceful. However, a few minutes later she became agitated and started shaking and crying. At that point I came over and helped her clear the karmic experience coming up from her subconscious. For the next hour she cried, screamed, shook, burned up, and froze. Finally, the clearing ended and Sheila became deeply peaceful.

When her experience concluded she told me what she had gone through on the table. After the initial sense of peace ended Sheila found herself in another life as a young black woman and member of an African tribe who was being sacrificed as part of a religious ceremony. It was that terrible death that she re-experienced and cleared. She left the workshop that day tired but more at peace than she had ever been.

African Queen

An African Queen

She called me a few weeks later to share two seminal events that had happened since the workshop. In the first case she had joined a small black Baptist church a few months before coming to the workshop. (Sheila was white.) Shortly after the workshop the female minister asked Sheila to takeover the congregation because she had a terminal condition. Before the workshop that request would have seemed strange, but with the revelation of that prior lifetime neither Sheila’s joining a black church nor the minister asking her to lead the congregation seemed to be an anomaly.

In the second case an iridologist she had been seeing asked what she had done differently since her last session. The only thing Sheila could think of was that she had attended the healing workshop. “Well honey,” the iridologist said. “ I’ve never seen so much change in anyone’s eyes from one session to the next. The tumors I’ve been treating you for on the right side of your body appear to be all gone.”

There is no work as important to our development as clearing our shadow. When we clear our toxicity we are no longer participating in postponing our future. Instead we become the active agent of our destiny.