The Curse of GM Food

GM Food

GM Foods and Monsanto

GM food is dangerous and detrimental to your health. Monsanto, the main instigator of the corporate GM food movement would have you believe otherwise. Monsanto wants you to believe that  GM food is safe and healthy. Monsanto wants you to believe that GM food is the answer to feeding the burgeoning world population.

Really? Does Monsanto really think that we are all sufficiently dumbed down to fall for  their disinformation campaign. Here are just a few  startling facts about the dangers of GM food.

1. When animals were fed GM corn and soy for 30-90 days they suffered liver and kidney disruption.

2. Rodents fed GM soy became sterile. Within two generations their rate of infant mortality grew 500%. By the third generation they were completely sterile.

3. For many years in an Indian village buffalo grazed on harvested cotton plants without incident. Then GM cotton seeds were planted. Within days of grazing on GM cotton all 13 Buffalo were dead.

GM Food

Depopulation Agenda


Far from feeding the world’s population GM food will make humanity sterile and quickly reduce the world’s population. This fits the elite’s plan for de-population. The Georgia Guide Stones speak of a world with a maximum population of 500,000,000.

GM Food and Depopulation

Alex Gray's portrait of Obama

Obama and Monsanto

Monsanto and the curse of GM food is part of this plan. In 2009 Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s attorney, was appointed by Obama to a new position, Deputy Commissioner of US Food Safety. Taylor was responsible for the FDA’s GM food policy. How’s that for a conflict of interest?

It seems obvious that Monsanto’s interests in the proliferation of GM food are backed by the Obama adminstration. The GM food policy is is just another example of government and corporate collusion to the great detriment of the American People.

Obama has greased the way for GM food to be ubiquitous in the American diet. Over 90 percent of all soy and corn raised in this country is GM food. Most wheat is GM food.

Obama also recently signed the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which declares America a battlefield and every American citizen an enemy combatant. The NDAA gives the government the authority to arrest any American suspected of engaging in terrorist activities without recourse to a trial or  legal representation. Anyone arrested under this law can be detained indefinitely.

The Agenda Continues

George W Bush brought us The Patriot Act which shredded many of our civil liberties. With the NDAA, Obama has  continued this disturbing trend.

In many ways, it seems not to matter who is the President of the United States. The  agenda toward fascism, corporate and government collusion, central control, and a police state rolls forward no matter which party is in the White House. The GM food policy is more proof of this disturbing trend.