Aliens Among Us?

Prof Stephen Hawking believes in alien races

Stephen Hawking Physicist

Are Aliens Coming?

Stephen Hawking, the famous British theoretical physicist and cosmologist,  who said in 2010 that alien races exist, said the other day that if mankind is to survive we must colonize outer space. In 2008 the Pope said it’s OK to believe in aliens. In Sept. 2010 The UN appointed a Malaysian astrophysicist named Mazlan Othman  as the United Nation’s space ambassador for extraterrestrial contact affairs with aliens.

In the last few years there have been several movies and TV shows about an alien invasion. These movies include Battle Los Angeles, Cowboys and Aliens, Super 8, District 9 and TV shows such as Falling Skies and V.

V is about a race of shapeshifting aliens that appear human but underneath their human facade these aliens are reptilians whose true agenda is anything but peaceful. The aliens are really here to conquer and dominate planet Earth.

Pope Benedict believes in alien races

Pope Benedict

Control Centers

What’s interesting about the steady roll out and dissemination of alien material are the institutions behind it. The Catholic Church, Hollywood, and the UN are all control centers for the PTB. Stephen Hawking, while a brilliant physicist,  is a shill for mankind’s controllers. So what’s really behind the rollout of all this outer space and alien information that’s been going on for years but lately seems to be reaching a crescendo?

For starters, the PTB (Powers That Be) are well acquainted with cosmic law. To stay in alignment with that law they always announce their intentions ahead of time, although in cryptic ways that are often hard to interpret.

There is a large body of evidence that suggests the PTB have been in communication with alien civilizations for decades and have been given certain alien technologies in exchange for letting these aliens abduct humans for experimentation.

Are they disseminating all this information about aliens via movies, tv shows, papal statements and interviews with one of the worlds leading astrophysicists to prepare humanity for the moment the aliens reveal themselves? Or is something more sinister in the works like a real alien invasion, a true war of the worlds?

alien example


Alien Invasion

Imagine if an alien invasion did occur, either a faked, staged assault or a real one. Either possibility  would produce tremendous fear among an ignorant and unsuspecting populace. Fear makes people suspend sound judgment and common sense. When people are in the grip of fear they are all too willing to sacrifice whatever freedoms remain in their desire to save themselves. If you don’t believe that’s true recall how the trauma of 9/11 resulted in the Patriot Act and the end of many of our freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. An alien invasion, either staged or real would result in a period of unmitigated fear throughout the world. A clamor would go up from the people for their respective governments to do something, anything to save the world. The governments of the world would respond by announcing a one world government and a one world army to fight the alien threat. This alien scenario actually occurred in the movie Starship Trooper starring Denise Richards and released in the 1990’s. The resulting loss of freedom would make 9/11 and the Patriot Act look like child’s play.

PRS: Problem, Response, Solution

This alien scenario follows one of the favorite strategies of the PTB: Problem, Response, Solution or PRS. In our alien invasion scenario the problem would be the alien invasion. The response would be the tremendous fear in the world’s population and the ensuing clamor to do something, anything to save their lives. The solution would be a one world government and one world army. Once the one world government was formed it would never be disbanded. Nation states would never be allowed to exist again. The one world government would be totalitarian. There would be those in control and everyone else. Living standards would plummet. The last vestiges of freedom would disappear. Humanity would be completely dumbed down and cut off from its soul and spiritual source. We’d become a race of robots whose only function was to serve the demands of the elite. in this way the arrival of aliens would fulfill the elite’s agenda for a one world government.

Will an alien invasion happen? Let’s hope not. But because it’s in the realm of possibilities it could.