To Be Eternally Present

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Body and Soul

There is an ancient Taoist aphorism that concerns the relationship of death and infinity. “To die but not to perish,” said Lao Tsu, “is to be eternally present.” How can that be, we ask ourselves, because to die is to perish. What seems irrational at first glance however, becomes plausible when we consider that we are a soul as well as a body. The soul is the inner person, the body the outer person. The body dies, the soul does not. The inner person is eternal. The body is the vehicle that anchors the soul in the material world and allows it to have the experiences necessary for its growth.

Shifts in Consciousness

The statement “To die but not to perish…” refers to the important shifts in consciousness that occur emotionally and mentally, in feeling and thought, that allow the outer person to become more  to the inner person. When the outer person becomes one with the inner person that individual is eternally present, or enlightened.

The Individuation Process

The individuation process that leads to Divine union proceeds through a series of emotional and psychic deaths in which we are called on to let go of outmoded ideas and beliefs that are no longer relevant to our growth; attachments to people and relationships that are toxic to us and inhibit our development; and notions about our own identity that are too limiting for our current level of consciousness.

Psychic Death

Psychic death refers to the idea of cracking open the many energetic shells blocking the formation of a conscious connection between the inner and outer person. These shells define the outer boundaries of our current sense of identity. They are created by chronic negative emotions and limiting or inappropriate beliefs about ourself. When they finally crack open we are temporarily overwhelmed by a flood of darkness that overwhelms our mind. When we experience that flood of darkness it feels like we are drowning. The experience of that darkness, however, is simply the release of old unconscious toxicity we have not been aware of. It represents a psychic death that clears dead or toxic energy from our system and opens our external self to more light from our soul.

Cracking Shells

Each shell that breaks, every psychic death we experience brings the outer and inner aspects of ourselves closer together. Once we have gone through enough psychic deaths and cracked open enough shells the light of our soul finally begins to operate freely in our life. Every issue that needs completion begins to move toward resolution on its own. Unexpected opportunities knock on our door. Unconditional love flows through us and touches the lives of people we have never met and may not know exist. That love continues to integrate us and increase our power. When the two aspects of our selves at last become one, we are eternally present.

Dying to Our Limitations

Spirituality then, is not about being weak, passive or resigned to one’s fate. It is about letting go and dying to our limitations so we may increase our power and awareness. It is about reaching for our destiny. It is about being fulfilled and happy. It is why we are here. It is the purpose of life.

Putting First Things First

The tragedy of life is that so many people put it last, if they think of it at all. If we were all to put true spirituality first we would find inner peace and have a peaceful world. The result of not pursuing our spiritual development collectively is that we live in increasingly dangerous times. As the future and its unknown dangers move rapidly toward us it is imperative that we develop our inner center in two significant ways. First, by becoming emotionally stable. Second, by developing a soul connection so we will be guided by our intuition to safety and success.

Energetic Healing

Energetic healing is one of the most powerful ways to achieve these two goals. It clears emotional toxicity from your system; it cracks energetic shells and opens you to your soul; it can resolve frustrating physical conditions; it clears past karma; it makes your highs higher and your lows higher; it accelerates your growth; it removes impediments to success; and it enables you to be a channel of love. If you are interested in elevating your life you might find the testimonials on the Consultations page on this site very helpful.