The Threat to Your Health: Part 2

Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Not Cures

There is an ongoing, organized movement to destroy your health from all sides of the medical-big pharma-corporate-government complex. The pharmaceutical drugs you  take are not cures. They treat symptoms and often cause serious side effects that necessitate additional drugs to treat the new set of symptoms caused by the original drugs. In this way, one set of symptoms can lead to several new sets of symptoms and many new drugs to treat them. Adding insult to injury, these drugs often conflict in your body causing far more serious problems than the problem you originally went to the doctor to get treated for. Most pharmaceutical drugs are toxic.

A friend of mine went to the doctor for high blood pressure. He was given a drug that bloated him and caused him to gain thirty pounds. The bloating and weight gain were noted side effects of the drug. Adding weight is not exactly a prescription for lowering blood pressure. The drugs weren’t helping him get better. Quite the reverse.  He finally stopped relying on drugs from the medical- big pharma cartel and started doing his own research. He soon found a homeopathic remedy for his condition and started taking it.  He quickly lost the thirty pounds he had gained and felt remarkably better. His blood pressure returned to normal. As an extra bonus the homeopathic remedy was far less expensive than the cost of  the prescription drugs he had been taking.

Mind Control Victim

Drugs and Mind Control

What most people don’t understand is that many pharmaceutical drugs make people susceptible to mind control and programming. These drugs  are laced with chemicals that interfere with normal mental processes and allow mind control and programming to be more effective. Flouride and prescription drugs keep people confused, sick, and easy to control. The sicker people are the more money the medical- big pharma cartel takes in on the sale of drugs. Keeping people ill and on drugs means big profits.

GM Foods

Another huge area of concern are the foods we eat. If you shop at the supermarket like most people do you are buying produce that is laced with pesticides, much of which is GM (genetically modified). The processed foods and meats you buy  are laced with pesticides, additives and chemicals that act like mind control drugs in your brain. These foods are at best empty calories that do not sustain your health but over time destroy it.

Roundup Pesticide

Roundup Resistant Foods

GM foods are designed to be Roundup resistant. Roundup is a pesticide produced by Monsanto that is designed to kill bugs. The problem is it can also poison you. Roundup resistant crops like corn are sprayed with much higher amounts of Roundup than crops that are not Roundup resistant. This means you are ingesting much higher amounts of Roundup and other pesticides when you eat GM foods. The vast amount of corn grown in the U.S. is now GM. Most food you buy in the supermarket contain GM ingredients. Research shows that GM foods destroy the healthy bacteria in your gut, enlarge your liver, shrink your brain, depress and weaken your immune system and make it much more difficult to reproduce and bear healthy children. Then if you go the Dr. you will be given more chemicals/drugs to relieve the symptoms created by other drugs and ingesting GM foods. These new drugs will not fix you but they will create more problems and compound the diseases you are already suffering from.Welcome to Monsanto’s world!

What’s the solution? Eat ORGANIC as much as possible.