The Arrested Development Society

Arrested Development

Western culture is in a state of arrested development. It is narcissistic, self-absorbed and focussed on personal sexual gratification. Arrested development  has contempt for love and committed,enduring relationships. This is not by accident. It is part of an insidious social engineering agenda. In America for the first time, there are now more single adults than married adults. The culture of arrested development has taken complete hold of this country.

Consequences of Arrested Development

There are several consequences to a lifestyle of arrested development that is focussed on  sexual gratification and  promiscuity. These include an inability to form lasting relationships; a failure to grow emotionally and mature; an increasing sense of lonlieness that when combined with desperation leads to depression. A culture that has fallen into a state of arrested development is a rehab society in which people develop all sorts of addictions and dependencies to deal with the dark hole of emptiness that constitutes their inner life. An arrested development society is full of lost souls and weak individuals who are easily programmed to feel even more isolated and alone.

In a society that has fallen into the trap of arrested development the family structure crumbles, the divorce rate soars and children become increasingly vulnerable to all sorts of negative influences and programming. When people are  focussed on sex their root chakra is wide open. When this chakra is open it creates a direct channel to the subconscious mind so that the individual can be easily programmed thru TV, movies, satellite and cell tower microwave transmissions. This programming  further instills the values of arrested development in the individual’s subconscious. Welcome to the world of the lost and lonely, where in the lyrics of the Eagles  Hotel California, “You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave! ”

Be Wise!!

Consider Howard Stern’s radio show. What is he selling? Arrested development. How much is he getting paid for it? Somewhere in the neighborhood of  four hundred million. Wherever you look in this culture you are being bombarded with programming designed to make you part of the arrested development culture and lifestyle. Be wise and careful about what you let into your mind and into your life. The mainstream media is not your friend. It’s there to program and control you.