Resistance and Acceptance Part 1




This is part of a poem from my book JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

What we cannot accept makes us unhappy. What makes us unhappy creates resistance. What we resist, we struggle against. What we struggle against binds us to it. Whatever binds us, enslaves us.

Whatever enslaves us, shames us. Whatever shames us, diminishes us.

Our failure to accept the way things are lies at the root of our problems. Our resistance makes us rigid with resentment. It steals our clarity and power, and deprives us of happiness.

What we cannot accept we draw to us and are doomed to repeat, over and over again. This increases our resistance.

What we accept will change, because we have changed. When there is no more resistance within us, our behavior will not be polarizing. Everything will flow toward balance and harmony. Peace will prevail over conflict.

Forgiveness is the key to acceptance and overcoming resistance. We can’t forgive until we find the inner victim and acknowledge our pain. This is the source of all resistance.