Michael’s Amazing Story

The Past and Physical Well Being

The distant past can also have severe repercussions on our physical well-being. Michael came to a one day workshop I held at Michigan State University in the mid nineteen eighties. He was one of the first people to get on a healing table. The healing energy in the room that day was very powerful, and when the people in his group laid their hands on him, the healing energy that came through their hands surged through his system immediately. His eyes closed in response to the energy, and he became very peaceful, but not for long. A moment later, he was screaming and sweating, arms flailing, legs kicking the table as hard as they could. For a mild mannered and slightly built man, there was a tremendous rage bottled up in his system. His emotional release went on for some time. Finally, his catharsis ended, and he became very quiet and peaceful again. When he opened his eyes a while later, I asked him to tell me what he had experienced.

The Inquisition

He said that when his whole body filled with bright white light in the beginning of the session, he felt peaceful and very happy. However, that feeling lasted only a minute. Without any rational reason that he could name, he found himself thrown back in time to the Inquisition, where he relived an experience he would have rather avoided.

He was a priest accused of heresy and ordered by the Inquisition tribunal to recant. He refused to do so, knowing that he had committed no crime. He was tortured, then castrated, and left to die in a pool of his own blood.

After Michael shared his experience I asked him two questions. How was he feeling now, and did he see any connection between that lifetime and this one? He said that he was feeling incredibly light and peaceful, and yes, there was a definite connection between that life and this one. Three years earlier he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and had had one of his testicles removed. Now he realized that all the rage and hatred from being castrated some five hundred years earlier had been stored in his system and reappeared in the same physical location in this lifetime. That unhealed rage created his cancer and caused him to be partially castrated again. His karmic rage had drawn the past to him and repeated the trauma again.

The Overweight Wife

After Michael got off the table, he asked me if he could call his wife and have her come to the afternoon session. I told him that would be fine. His wife was an attractive and pleasant woman, but rather overweight. During her session on the table that afternoon, she cried for a long time before she became peaceful like Michael had earlier in the day.

When her experience was complete, I asked her what had occurred. She told me that as soon the energy began flowing into her system, she found herself in another lifetime where she had been a young Indian girl in a South American village high in the Andes. There wasn’t enough food in the village, and she was always hungry. She eventually died of starvation as a child. I asked her if that experience had affected her in this lifetime. She said that she was still always hungry, no matter how much food she ate. Craving food had been a life long constant for her.

A few months later I received a call from Michael’s wife. She was eager to share what had happened in the intervening weeks since she had attended the workshop. Her constant craving for food was gone, and she had lost over twenty pounds without trying.

Clearing our system of its impediments, its karma, and its toxicity is one of the most important tasks of our life. Growth and evolution are not a function of instant gratification, but one of internal purification. Purification is not an immediate and superficial process, but a deliberate and deep one. It not only takes time, but it is also worthy of the time it takes.

Toward the end of his life, the great poet T.S. Eliot crafted a volume of four brilliant poems on life, meaning, and suffering that he entitled, The Four Quartets. In the Four Quartets, Eliot wrote that, “… all will be well, and all manner of things will be well, by the purification of the motive in the ground of our beseeching.” When we finally purify our own motives by clearing our karma, things will change for the better, not only in this lifetime, but in all lifetimes yet to come.

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