Freedom and Oppression

A Spiritual Infusion

What makes the surfacing of more hidden, toxic material inevitable is that, as we go forward, we will pull down more light from above into our system. The new infusion of spiritual light will expose whatever toxicity may be still lurking deep within us that did not arise during earlier healing efforts.

Your Opportunity

When more toxicity surfaces, it should not be an occasion to fall into depression or to be consumed by a sense of failure that we did not clear all our toxicity earlier. As more toxicity emerges, it is important to remember that every encounter with the darkness remaining in our system is an opportunity to establish greater freedom and generate a brighter internal light. The real message behind the surfacing of more toxic material is simply that we have gained an important opportunity to transform our remaining darkness into light. A positive outcome to that confrontation insures that we will have more integration, power, and freedom than we had before. Every time we clear more darkness from our system, we build more momentum into our life.

It’s in Your Hands

When you face and clear your darkness, it is transformed into the hidden fuel of your growth and evolution. But if you choose not to face and clear it, your darkness remains the source of your oppression. Freedom or oppression, the choice is in your hands, nowhere else.

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