Medieval Warrior

energy healing

I held many energy healing seminars and workshops in East Lansing, MI. My Friday night lectures on energy healing were always packed. At the end of every one of these talk I would channel streams of very powerful healing energy to the entire audience. This invariably brought up repressed, toxic emotion in most people there. It was not unusual to see  people sobbing when their buried pain surfaced. In fact, it would be most unusual if it didn’t.

Attending one of these energy healing lectures was a mangement consultant who was blown away by what he felt happening inside him and witnessed around him when I channeled the healing energies. He certainly didn’t think he’d feel anything at all and he wasn’t expecting everyone around him, men as well as women, to be sobbing. He didn’t come to the energy healing workshop the next day but he couldn’t get what he had felt and witnessed out of his head.

Two weeks later, after I had returned to Austin, he called and set up an energy healing phone consultation. Harvey told me he had a sharp, constant pain in his back that he couldn’t get rid of. He had been to MD’s, chiropractors, massage therapists, rolfers and reiki practitioners, all to no avail. He still had the pain. It was as constant and sharp as ever.

“Do you think your energy healing can help me?” he asked.

“I do,” I said.

We set up his energy healing consultation for the next week. When he called, I had him lay down and get comfortable. I told him I was placing one of my hands on the base of his skull and the other on the base of his spine. I asked him to tell me when he felt relaxed. A moment later he told me that he felt the healing energy pouring into him and felt extraordinarily relaxed. He was surprised that the energy healing could be transmitted over the phone, that he would feel it so strongly and that it would affect him so quickly.

I told him that was excellent. It meant his “stuff” should surface easily.

When I put my hands on a client in the beginning of an energy healing session it’s like reading an xray for me. I can usually see what going on in the clients body and what the cause of that clients discomfort is. In Harvey’s case I could see that he had a past life as a soldier in medievel times and died on the battlefield when his upper spine was severed by a strike from a broadsword.

I switched my hands and told Harvey I was putting one hand on his spine bewteen his lungs and my other hand on his chest. When he felt the healing energy flowing into his chest I had him imagine that he was walking down a flight of steps from his head to his chest. When he reached his chest I asked him to feel the blocked energy there and notice how it felt.

Harvey said he felt terrified. I told him to give the feeling of terror a sound and to keep repeating it. Harvey made a sound like AAhh! a few times then started screaming at the top of his lungs.The initial sounds I asked him to make had primed the pump. Now his toxic emotions were pouring out of  their own accord. He was powerless to stop it. It was asif a volcano had exploded inside him. His screams went on for quite awhile. When they were over, the energy shifted from a bright red into a golden light. When the energy shifted, Harvey grew incredibly calm.

We spoke a moment later.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced,” he said.

“Can you describe it,” I said.

“I was in a battle and run through with a broad sword. It was hundreds of years ago. How could this be affecting me now?”

“The body dies. The soul doesn’t. If you don’t clear the energy of traumatic experiences from your body in the lifetime in which they occured,  they will be stored in your soul to be worked out in a future life. That’s the law. Few people understand this. That’s why trauma will repeat time and time again, although in a different form, until is cleared. That’s one of the reasons why energy healing is so effective. How do you feel?”

“My clothes are soaking wet, but the pain in my back is gone.”

“It won’t come back. You’ve cleared the trauma that caused it.”

“I hope you’re right. This has gone on for years.”

Harvey called me back a week later.

“I feel great,” he said. “My back has been fine since you worked on it. By the way, something else happened in my energy healing session.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’m an inch taller!”

“That’s great! That’s because the block in your back had compressed your spine. The block is gone so your spine is no longer compressed.  Now you can walk tall, carry a big stick and be a scary dude.”

We had a good laugh over that.