Desire and Restlessness


Goddess of Mercy

Conquering Desire

Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual partner, The Mother, once wrote that, “To conquer a desire brings more joy than to satisfy it.”* When we conquer a desire, we take back the specific part of our power that we had invested in our desire nature. Every time we conquer a desire we strengthen our real self and weaken the lock that the negative ego and desire nature have over us. Every time we overcome a desire, we shorten the internal distance we must travel to reach our soul and claim our inner light. Every piece of power that we reclaim from our desire nature lessens the gap between who we think we are and who we really are.


Desire will never complete us because it leaves our inner darkness and negative ego intact. The more we chase our desires, the more we feed our restlessness. As our restlessness grows, our desires intensify. As one desire after another fails to elevate our lives in any lasting way, we replace those desires with others. The failure of desire leads to the birth of more desires. The more desire fails us, the more dominant our desire nature becomes.

The only solution to the problem of desire is to find our wholeness through integrating the physical and supra-physical aspects of our system. When we clear our toxicity we are well on the way to finding our wholeness.