A Tale of Two Matrixes

A Tale of Two Matrixes: Which One Defines You?

There are two matrixes that determine much of our behavior in this world. Both matrixes are hidden from view. Most people are not even aware of their existence. They are, respectively, the Control/Satanic Matrix and the Liberation/Divine matrix.


The Control/Satanic Matrix has been cleverly constructed with many complimentary components that work together to dumb down and entrance the masses. When people are entranced they are easy to control and manipulate. Hollywood, Cable TV, the mass media, pop music,  pop culture, cell phone towers and satellites  are all tools that are used to subliminally program and mind control the masses. Fluoridated water, nutritionally devoid food that is packed with mind altering chemicals, toxic chemtrails that are loaded with heavy metals, viruses and bacteria, not only destroy people’s health but open their minds for more mind control programming to be installed. Weak, confused and unhealthy people are very easy to control. When you’ve drunk the “koolaid” you don’t even know that you’ve been programmed. Instead, you think you are free and living in the freest society on earth. That belief, false as it is, is in fact, part of the programming.


Our education system is left brained. It is focused on memorization and regurgitation. Critical thinking is a dying art. We are not taught how to develop the right brain. The right brain is the door to oneness and universality. It connects us to the Divine and opens the secret door to our true power, the other 92% of our brain we never develop and which our educational system intentionally disregards. Keeping us from discovering our true power and depriving us of our innate connection to all life is an important aspect of the Control matrix.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people in the world are under the control of the Satanic Matrix.


The Liberation/Divine Matrix exists beyond the net of the Control Matrix that has been superimposed on the world. The Liberation Matrix brings light, unity and consciousness to the fortunate few who have broken through the many subtle snares of the control matrix to reach a higher level of consciousness and power. The question becomes how do you get there? How do you break through?

Here are a few suggestions. I’ll develop these ideas in future newsletters. First, tune out the noise of popular culture. Realize that most movies and pop music are vehicles for subliminal programming to be installed in your subconscious. Classical music balances and harmonizes your brain and body. Studies show that classical music makes you stronger while rock music weakens you. If you don’t have a taste for classical music, try listening to it when you’re on your computer.  Spotify has an excellent collection of classics. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Pachabel etc are good for your soul.

Second, eat organic as much as possible. Avoid GMO’s to the best of your ability. Stay away from most corn chips. Over 90% of all corn is GMO. That means it has been sprayed excessively with Roundup. You don’t want that in your body. Did you know that most tobacco is also GMO and sprayed heavily with Roundup? If you’re a smoker you’re filling your brain, heart, lungs and other vital organs with deadly chemicals. Eat organic and drink pure water. If you can afford it get a water distiller or reverse osmosis system. Many nutritional supplements now also have GMO ingredients. The best all purpose, nutritionally dense food that I have ever found is bioage algae at (www.bioage.com) and the Zija product line (www.zija.com) based on the Moringa tree.

Third, develop a daily meditation practice and visualize yourself in a violet pyramid every day. Violet is the color of protection. Also, try to exercise daily.

Fourth, find like minded people to connect with. Building community in these end times is most important.

Fifth, if you haven’t yet read my new book THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE I urge you to purchase it. It’s an inspiring story about all these things and more. It’s a page turner and a life changer. It contains great information and clear wisdom that will help you in the challenging days ahead. You will find more about THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE at www.alanmesher.com