The Threat to Your Health: Part 3

Cell Phone Tower

4G Cellphone Towers

The threat to your health includes the air you breathe, the water you drink and bathe in,  the food you eat, and the prescription drugs you take. To that potent stew  of health dangers we unfortunately must add cell phone towers, Smart Meters, and HAARP transmissions. The new 4G Cell Towers are known to kill trees, disrupt DNA, and cause cancer. While  the new 4G networks are rolled out in the United States  Israel has put the brakes on their further implementation because of the health concerns they raise.

Smart Meter

Smart Meters

The goal of the utility industry is to put a smart meter on every residence in America. They’re marketed as “going green” in your electrical usage. The truth is your going to use the same amount of electricity you did before the smart meter was installed. Many people report that their electrical bill jumped 200 to 300% after the smart meter was installed on the side of their house. The smart meter tells the utility when you flush your toilet, when you take a shower when you turn up or turn down the heat, when you turn on a lamp, run your washing machine or dishwasher. It tells them when you are home, when you are out, and when you are on vacation. The smart meter will not lead to more efficient energy use but to better surveillance. Big Brother anyone?

With regard to your health there is an even darker side to smart meters. The PPj Journal has reported extensively on the dangers of smart meters. Here’s what the PPJ Journal had to say on the matter:

“SMART GRID/SMART METERS can and do cause hormonal system disruptions, tinnitus, memory problems, dizziness, slurred speech, intentionally induced muscle spasms, heart palpitations, lethargy, unconsciousness, disorientation, memory loss, confusion, and an increase in cancer, among many other symptoms.  A reading of the pdf document above from 2006 indicates that these symptoms are exactly what was intended and now they have found the perfect way to impose this system of electrical incarceration and threat, right in your home or business.  No one will be or would be safe from this electronic surveillance system, much less saving one dime in energy costs or using energy more efficiently.”

So much for the health benefits of smart meters. There are none. They are radiation machines. A miniature Fukushima attached to the side of your house generating constant harmful and deadly radiation. You can read the whole PPJ Journal article here. I suggest you do.


World War 3

The assault on our health is coming at us from every direction: Air, water, food, cell phone towers and EMF. It’s very clear that the intent of this overall attack is to weaken and confuse us, steal our health, isolate us, and kill many of us. In many ways this is World War 3. It is a silent war of deadly attrition that grinds us all down without our even seeing the health threat enveloping us. What we don’t recognize we ignore at our peril. The intent of this toxic amalgamation of ingredients is to weaken our minds, destroy our immune systems, enslave us and finally destroy us. The health of the entire world hangs in the balance.

The only way we can truly understand the war against our health is by doing our own research and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Our controllers have put together a brilliant plan of battle. Since few see it in its entirety, the plan continues to  roll out with only token opposition. Will it be another case of too little too late or will the world wakeup in time to change the order of battle?