The Soul: The Ultimate Connecting Point


The Connecting Point

The soul is the connecting point between our individual life and all other lives. It bridges the gap between the personality’s emphasis on exclusion and separation, and the spirit’s higher reality of inclusion and unity. While the personality focuses on our differences in order to create distance by making distinctions, the soul feels how we are subtly connected to each other and conspires to bring us together. Where the personality often breeds friction, the soul attempts to generate fusion.

The soul is the door to universal love. It draws the spiritual light down from above and distributes it to the world. It is the mediator between the Divine and the human, drawing the Divine to the human and the human to the Divine. When we finally open the door to our soul, we become a channel of unconditional love and a Divine ambassador in this world. Without us the Divine has limited means to enter the world and restore it to balance.

When we open ourselves up and allow the soul to gradually bring the light down from above, that light will slowly and surely elevate our lives. The soul enables us to understand and accept ourselves and then to understand and accept others. If we remain closed off to the soul, it seems that the Divine is unavailable and nowhere to be seen. When we successfully open ourselves to our soul, it is obvious and apparent that the Divine is everywhere.

When we develop access to our soul, we know it. It is not something that has to be proved. It is a force that guides and protects our life; a power of knowing that comes from deep inside us, a gift of inspired communica- tion and heightened creativity. It is the magnetic force of a charisma that effortlessly attracts other people to it. It is an energy that inspires trust and initiates healing. It is an unconditional love in action that permits people to feel better about themselves, to conquer their self-doubt and confusion, and to extricate themselves from long cycles of suffering.

Our soul is our savior. Everyone has a soul, just as everyone has a heart and a brain, lungs and a liver. Yet for the most part, we hardly think about it. It is inactive in most of us, consigned to the background, hidden in the shadows.

Soul Resonance

The soul cannot communicate with us until, and unless, we are internally quiet and at peace. The constant chatter and internal dialogue that occurs in the minds of most people, most of the time, prevents that higher contact from taking place, but once we are centered and at peace, the gateway is opened and the ground prepared for that higher connection to occur. As our soul connection slowly develops, we are drawn to engage in activities that resonate with our soul.

The presence of soul resonance in our lives indicates a high prob- ability of success and fulfillment in our endeavors. Soul resonance quickens the pace of our inner growth and personal evolution. While we need to find our way in the world we live in, we must also find our way within ourselves. To succeed in both tasks is rare, but need not be. Balance is the key to the future. Until we develop a strong soul connection, material success is attainable, but true fulfillment is always over the next hill. We have been educated to achieve and succeed. We must also learn to be clear, centered, and at peace. We have focused on training and develop- ing our intellect. We now need to develop our intuition.

When we establish our soul connection, the world has more to gain from what we can give it than we have to gain from what the world can give us. The world has an abundance of most things, but it has a great shortage of wisdom, understanding, love, and compassion—all qualities of higher consciousness. If more of us developed soul resonance, we would find common ground more easily, and we would overcome conflict with less difficulty.

A change in mass consciousness is never easy, but to keep going in the direction we are now headed in is infinitely worse. It is far better to struggle for an improved future than to suffer a mass calamity because of our collective inertia.