The Power of Identity

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You are not who you think you are. We base our concepts of identity on our relationship to our ego; our childhood imprinting; our education; our social and economic status; our self-esteem or its lack; and the roles we play in life. The truth is that none of these things has anything to do with who we really are. Not even remotely. Most of our notions about identity center on what we feel or think; what we have or do for a living. But we are not our thoughts or feelings or actions or profession.

Soul Identity

True identity exists in a far deeper stratum of consciousness than do all these things. The stratum of consciousness that contains our true identity is the Soul. Developing a conscious relationship to our soul is the only way that we can discover who we really are. That relationship is the primary purpose of life. Four conditions must be met before that relationship manifests in our lives. We must:

1. Clear our emotional toxicity.
2. Create emotional balance.
3. Possess a clear and untroubled mind.
4. Be at peace.

Unfortunately, too few of us understand just how important becoming more soul conscious is to the future of the world. Consciousness and the future are truly intertwined. If we are to have a positive, peaceful future the world must become considerably more conscious than it currently is. Without more soul consciousness on the planet, the problems we presently face will soon overwhelm us and put all our lives at risk. Einstein once said that it will take a radical new way of thinking for humanity to solve its problems. That was more than fifty years ago, before the onset of so much toxicity in our air, food, and water; before the permanent destruction of many of our natural resources and the desecration of much of our environment; and before the increase in world population to the 6.5 billion now here and soon to grow to 9 billion in the next decade and a half. Our collective failure to become more conscious has enormous future implications and puts us all at risk.

World Peace

If more of us were to change direction and become soul conscious our lives would be flooded with joy and the world would be awash in spiritual light. Suffering would vanish, inequality would disappear, and world peace would be established. We would have the power and creativity to solve the critical, time sensitive problems that now confront us. Love, and not the love of power, would become the keynote of humanity. The strength of evil would diminish tremendously.

Instead of focusing time and energy on spiritual development the world, and the West in particular, remains strongly addicted to an encroaching materialism that has spiraled out of control. While we persist in desecrating the environment the hourglass governing the fate of the world continues to empty. The time that remains to change the direction in which we are headed continues to slip away. Every hour counts. Every day we fail to act brings the threat of disaster closer to reality.

The Power of Evil

While the world sleeps evil flourishes. Humanity is ruled by fear, suffering, scarcity, and lack. The vast majority follows the path of least resistance in which the shadow side of the psyche with all its negative energies rule. The result of following the path of least resistance is that the power of the negative is the dominant power in the world.

The toxic energies in our shadow prevent us from being in alignment with our soul. The more reactive energy that builds in our shadow the greater becomes our potential for destructive action. When we finally react and inflict harm on other people, (no matter what our justification may be), we create more suffering in our own lives. What happens to the individual also occurs in the collective psyche. Too much reactive energy in the collective shadow gives rise to outbursts of hostility and conflict.

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Soul Consciousness

There is only real one choice. We either become more aware of who we are and bring more light into the collective consciousness or nature will rise up in form of earthquakes, volcanoes, and climactic changes and severely reduce the world’s population.

You find out who you really are when no darkness remains in your psyche, not before. When that experience arrives you will discover that you are neither higher nor lower or better or worse than anyone else. At the level of soul essence we are all the same. When you reach soul consciousness you are connected to the Light. That Light connection makes you whole again. The Light will guide, protect, and fulfill you. Those who survive the times ahead will have a strong soul connection.